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An education in public health starts in the classroom but continues to evolve after graduation and into professional life.
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José Antonio Marín Rodriguez

Public health isn't just a field of study, it's a driving force for positive change. It's about proactively building a healthier future, where prevention takes center stage.

Tevin Mathew

Public health is a vehicle for social justice that, when promoting health equity, can propel all people around the world to live their healthiest lives where they can thrive and feel safe.

Shivangi Shah

Public health means striving for everyone's well-being through prevention, equity, and community collaboration. It's about promoting health and addressing societal needs proactively.

Emma Lavilles

Public health, to me, means providing communities and population groups equity, exploring the social determinants and promoting health.

Filimin Niyongabo

Public health means everyone being able to experience good health as a result of stewarding their environment. I believe our health is influenced by the quality of the environment we live in.

Neave Garland

Public health is about safeguarding the well-being of our communities, ensuring that every individual has the opportunity to thrive. It means advocating for accessible healthcare, regardless of one's background or circumstances. Public health is personal because it's about the people we love and care for, and our collective future.

Aleksandar Stevanović

Although there are various definitions of public health, I perceive it as a viewpoint that enables us to examine and assess any action with wider societal repercussions. Public health is a set of guiding principles that we can always utilize to evaluate the sustainability of our personal and collective growth.

Paulina Dera

Public health is everything around us and matters in our everyday life. That's why I want to spread awareness about it.

Karl F. Conyard

Public health to me means more than just protecting the public’s health but providing ample opportunities for populations to learn, grow and put steps in place to enhance their own health outcomes.

Burnley Truax

Meera Joshi

Niamh Tierney

Sierra Brantz

Julci Areza

Lauren Beagle

Megan Collins

Kyra Cummings

Fardin Rahman

Marissa Hardin

Joanne Johnson

Alison Kwok

Meredith Mase

Midjina Richard

Katelyn Miscioscia

Ilenia Morales

Bridget Morrison

Antony Nguyen

Emma Kate Sellers

Jenisha Stapleton

Michael Vega

Jaclyn Williamson

Christina Chac

Public Health is everything and everywhere. From having access to paved sidewalks to clean drinking water, everything we do affects our individual health and the health of our communities that we live in.

Taneisha Christie

Public health is maintaining the health of the population. It involves advocating and creating policies to eliminate inequalities and advance global health.

Dominique Munroe

Public Health is a unique field that distributes knowledge and empowers communities to improve health and prevent disease.

Bria-Necole Diggs

Public health means recognizing the interconnectedness of our health and the health of those around us. It means working collaboratively to create equitable access to resources and opportunities that promote healthy behaviors, environments, and outcomes.

Olivia Rajpathy

Public health is a measure of social responsibility and accountability. It underscores the idea that we all have a role to play in creating healthier communities.

Alexandra Ruth

Public health to me is an opportunity to level the playing field in health equity through research and informed health policy.

Simone Pierre

Public health is one the most important subject areas of any country. It encompasses everything; a person's environment, relationships, occupation, the services that are available and much more.

Martina Michael

Public health is the bridge that connects medicine, rights, and law to the community.

Aurora Rousseau

Public health is creating equitable access to resources and education that can help inform health decisions and provide healthcare.

Aidan Davis

Public health to me is a way for me to help build and protect the communities that I care about.

Diana Nicole Felipe

Public health to me is garnering the information to know how to help people to be happy and healthy regardless of their background.

Catie Kaliszewski

Public health is an interdisciplinary field that is dedicated to understanding the distribution of diseases, systemic challenges, and factors that can impact the population.

Grace Hall

Public health to me is an area where communities and professionals can learn in a protected environment about health, both at the community level and for every individual.

Niccole Smith

Public health is connecting with communities and promoting health equity.

Nabila Adamu

Public health is humanity.

Cody Ingle

Public health is advocacy. Whether we are designing a research study to look at the effects of negative health outcomes of population groups, advising policy work, or evaluating organizational programs, we are advocating for better health outcomes in our communities.

Sydney Ma

Public Health is an ongoing conversation that brings together intersectional perspectives to create equitable health opportunities for all, regardless of race, identity, gender, socioeconomic status, or other social determinants of health.

Caroline Arias

Public health is a team sport and labor of love to make the world a better place. It is a forward-leaning field anchored to the pursuit of health equity, prevention, collaboration, and systems-level thinking.

Ranya Marrakchi El Fellah

Public health means taking a proactive approach to promoting and protecting the health of entire communities, with a focus on prevention rather than just treatment of diseases.

Leo Wackler

Public health to me means being able to address health challenges, focusing not just on individual health outcomes, but also on the social, economic, and environmental factors that influence health at a population level.

C.J. Hill

Public health sits at the intersection of medicine, policy, social justice, and environment. Public health work is the means by which society can be improved as a whole.

Ashtyn Nichols

Public health is really a collaborative effort to improve the life of every person.

Meredith Denney

Public health to me is about inclusivity and providing the best service-oriented care for the health and well-being of everyone.

Kristen Gwaltney

Public health is the intersection of health and overall wellness, improving the quality of life on the population/community level.

Cristina Gomez

Public health to me is helping thousands of people in the workplace from hazards that lurk in the workplace.

James Kinchen

Public health is a field that works towards a brighter future everyday at the intersection of many health disciplines while focusing on the health of populations.

Jacqueline Clabeaux

Public health is about bringing different populations within communities together to create a happy, safe, and healthy environment for all members to experience.

Nina Diamond

Public health is the field of study that gives a voice to everyone, specifically those who need to be heard the most.

Ifunanya Nwabueze

Public health is a multifaceted and interdisciplinary field aimed at enhancing population health outcomes while promoting the fundamental principle that health is a human right, irrespective of race, ethnicity, gender, or socioeconomic status.

Sherry Weaver-Morales

Public health is ensuring that individuals, communities, and populations in all cultures worldwide remain healthy and obtain the health care and resources needed to sustain life.

Rebecca Foss

Public health connects people and communities to promote health, safety, and well-being of the overall population. It brings us together for the common good of the communities we are part of.

Amber Nieves

Public health provides communities with the language and knowledge to make decisions about their own health and well-being.

Kyli Patterson

Public health is prevention in action! Public health workers aim to prevent disease, disability, and death through interventions targeted to specific groups.

Adam Aasen, MPH

University of Minnesota School of Public Health
Public Health Administration and Policy
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Global Affairs

Yididya Amha, MPH

Emory University, Rollins School of Public Health
Health Policy and Management
National Center for HIV, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention; Office of Policy, Planning, and Partnerships

Su Yeon Bae, MPH

Rollins School of Public Health

Jessica Bell-Johnson, MPH

University of Memphis School of Public Health

Makala D. Carrington, MPH

UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health
National Center for Injury Prevention and Control

Kathleen Cunningham, MPH

University of Southern California

Allycia Kleine, MPH

Rollins School of Public Health
Behavioral, Social, and Health Education Sciences
Center for Surveillance Epidemiology and Laboratory Services (CSELS)

Jessica Laury, MPH

Rollins School of Public Health

Deana Li, MPH

University of Southern California

Joseph Madden, MPH

Georgia State University
Health Policy and Management
Communication and Education Branch (NCIRD > ISD)

Shilpi Misra, MPH

George Washington University, Milken Institute of Public Health
National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH), Spokane Mining Research Division, Miner Health Branch, Spokane, Washington

Angela Monahan, MPH

University of California, Berkeley – School of Public Health
Infectious Diseases & Vaccinology
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Office of Global Affairs, Washington, DC

Christine Phyathep, MPH

New York University School of Global Public Health
Global Health
Bacterial Special Pathogen Branch (BSPB) Atlanta, Georgia

Leigh Ellyn Preston, DrPH, MPH

Texas A&M University School of Public Health
Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion

Marieh Scales, MPH

Emory University, Rollins School of Public Health
Behavioral, Social, and Health Education Sciences
National Center of Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC)

Mary Harbert Stromberg, MPH

Emory University, Rollins School of Public Health
Behavioral, Social, and Health Education Sciences
National Center of Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC)

Andrea Vilorio, MPH, CHES

Emory University, Rollins School of Public Health
Behavioral, Social, and Health Education Sciences
Office of Global Health

Kendra Wilson, DrPH, CHES, CPH

Emory University, Rollins School of Public Health
Behavioral, Social, and Health Education Sciences
Office of Global Health

Rachel Zahn, MPH

Emory University, Rollins School of Public Health
Behavioral, Social, and Health Education Sciences
Office of Associate Director of Communication; Division of Communication Services (CDC-INFO)

Joana Fernandez

Public Health is the everyday lived experiences of an individual and how those experiences holistically contribute to that same individuals wellbeing.

Maggie Pustinger

Public health is the prevention of illness or injury through the promotion of healthy life choices, prevention research, and education.

Bella Zamora

Public Health is social justice.

Savannah (Savi) Brenneke

Public health is the pursuit of justice in the face of unjust institutions and systems that act against the health of populations.

Yve Francois

Public Health is mom where medicine is dad; you don't know or appreciate how much behind-the-scenes work happens until mom goes on vacation.

SriLasya Reddy

Public health, to me, is a platform to advocate for those who need it and an inclusive community where people are accepted and valued regardless of their race, sexuality, and gender.

Pranav Kapoor

Public Health is the link that connects people from all different backgrounds to opportunities that enable them to improve their health.

Omkari Kunam

Public Health is serving a community as a whole to promote good health based on the specific needs of that specific community in a way that is culturally appropriate.

Olivia Zarella

Public health is an opportunity to make a change to multiple of aspects of society.

Noor Ali

Public Health, to me, is the collaboration of the art and science of medicine.

Nikita Wagle

Public health to me is an opportunity to impact several lives at a time.

Ngozi Fadulu

Public Health is improving the overall health of the community

Michelle Delgado

To me, public health means promotion of health prevention while taking into consideration health inequities and social justice.

Marshae Nickelberry

To me, Public Health is all about people and the ways in which the world around them impacts their overall well-being.

Madi Bautista

Public health is everything.

Maddie Kasimanickam

Public health is the science of improving the health and safety of communities and populations through education, policymaking, and research.

Liz Lusk

Public health is the practice of assisting our people and communities in living a good quality of life.

Lauren Kauffman

Public Health is the intersection of several disciplines - biology, statistics, psychology, social sciences, and communications, just to name a few – with the purpose of positively impacting health in the larger population; health, in this context, includes not just the prevention and treatment of disease, but also the larger goal of promoting overall physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being.

Lauren Bell

Public Health to me is the means to give people the access and the tools to live a healthy and successful life, which includes health education, access to healthcare services, and adequate, thorough health care.

Laura Bryson

Public health is perspective from which to study, understand, and improve the complex ways people interact with their self, community, environment, and policies that influence multidimensional health, from the individual level to the global population.

Larry Warner

To me, public health is the combination of social and healthcare services and workforces which strive to create healthy communities; prevent and respond to illness and injury; and promote health equity.

Kimberly McNally

Public health is a commitment to value the health of others and the environment.

Johnny Barba

Public health, to me, can be epitomized by throwing a small stone into still water such that the ripple effects of one seemingly small action can reach out and touch all aspects of the shore--that is, all the many lives around us.

Joba Odediran

Public Health is Social Justice.

Jacquita Johnson

Public health is social justice, an avenue to achieve equity for us all.

Hannah Aaron

Public health is the way to understand the complex factors and determinants that make up the health of populations and communities.

Gabri’el Shabazz

Do best what people need most!

Erin Manalo-Pedro

Public health is the ongoing, organized effort to develop environments for all people to feel whole, including identifying and changing conditions in conflict with this goal.

Emily Bradford

Public health is broad term used to describe a collection of efforts to identify and address areas of health concern in the community.

Liz Lusk

Public health is the practice of assisting our people and communities in living a good quality of life.

Eliza Steere

Public health to me is protecting communities from negative health outcomes through promoting positive health behaviors and lifestyles.

Destany Ware

Public Health is the advocacy for and dedication to other's wellbeing in a healthy matter, to ensure the healthiest life for oneself and one's community.

Danielle Harmon

Public health to me is the overall initiative to better the health of our communities and population through science-based research, health promotion programing and education.

Dan Popkin

Public health is a multidisciplinary collaboration to improve health on both an individual, as well as a population level.

Cheyanne Busso

Public health is the study, promotion, and advocacy of all health matters, including mental and physical health as well as the societal factors that influence safety and well-being.

Carlos Orellana Garcia

Public health is the science that promotes prevention and safety of improving the health of communities through education, advocacy, and research for disease prevention at an individual and population level.

Calli Laskowski

Public health is the continued, rigorous work to protect and promote EVERYBODY'S health.

Bryce Takenaka

To me, public health is about preventing and addressing upstream determinants that cause inequities across populations.

Bethany Ockerbloom

Public health is achieving health equity.

Anushree Gade

Public health, to me, means interdisciplinary collaboration in order to enhance overall health by identifying gaps and inequities in the healthcare delivery system.

Aneeka Ratnayake

Pubic health to me means optimizing the full spectrum of society's wellbeing in an evolving global context.

Albana Ochaeta

Public Health is a field that aims to improve health outcomes in populations--whether locally or globally--through intersectoral collaboratives focused on prevention, education, and research.

Rajrupa Ghosh

Public health is a way to improve health, preventing disease, and promoting a healthy lifestyle among the population.

Emily Gordon

Public health is a collection of innovative ideas to improve varying aspects of life for populations of people.

Kelli Gribben

Public health is an interdisciplinary field focused on advancing the health of our communities through research and practice.

Samantha Griffin

Public health is about recognizing and breaking down barriers to give everyone a right to health.

Walae Hayek

Public health is a multidisciplinary field dedicated to achieving health equity and preventing disease by addressing the social determinants of health.

Christopher Hopkins

I see public health as an interdisciplinary force that aims to improve health and wellness by building up community resources thereby improving the overall health of the nation.

Catherine Cortez

Public health is a committed, collaborative effort to investigate and address the “who, what, where, when, why, and how” of achieving optimal health & well-being across all populations.

Tyler Beauregard

As a clinician, public health is what we do to promote health and well-being for more than one person; if it was only for one person, it would be clinical practice.

Linda Chyr

Public health protects and improves individual, family, community, and population health and well-being through rigorous science and advocacy.

Amber Deckard

Whether it be through advocacy, programming, or by simply lending a helping hand, public health to me is about addressing the barriers and needs of a population in order to enable them to have optimal physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health.

Brigitte Dietz

Public health is the collaboration of social and scientific disciplines to facilitate improved population health and happiness, at any and every level possible.

Katarina Domitrovich

Public health, to me, describes a public system--an overarching umbrella--which is made up of specialists trained in specific areas with the common goal: to keep the people it serves, including the environment and all its creatures, safe, and efficiently running without prejudice, without hate, without political bias, and with a constant eye on how we can do better, be better, and prepare better in the future.

Alexis Donaldson

Public health takes a scientific and data-driven approach to ensuring the mental and physical health and safety of the public.

Relicious Eboh

Public health is the intersection between society and health to aid in preventing diseases.

Ashley Fenton

Public health, for me, is promoting and educating individuals from different backgrounds and communities on health behaviors and wellness to prevent illness and injury.

Alexandra Fox

To me, public health is about bridging the gaps between healthcare and health equity through education and patient empowerment.

Deanna Gatling

Public health is a collaboration of concepts and ideas that are the foundation for building strong, healthy communities.

Teace Markwalter

Public Health is protecting the health and wellbeing of humans, animals, and the environment.

Ashley Vaughn

Public health means acknowledging the interconnectedness of our world and using it to address the root of the inequalities in health outcomes that we see today.

Clarisse Vidal

Public health protects and promotes population health.

Evelyn Zavala

Public health is almost everything around us, it is what keeps all of us healthy and well!

Gen Zhu

Public health is to improve the health and wellness of people through scientific research, interdisciplinary collaboration, and various programs and services.

Tate Atkinson

Moving towards equity in our communities health

Juliana Barounis

Public health is the overall well-being of human beings and society, in terms of mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health.

Courtney Blondino

Public health is everything and everywhere.

Joshua Castro

Public Health is a multisectorial approach toward protecting and prolonging life by improving the quality of health of all people and their communities.

Sydney Chaves

Public health is challenging inequities to create a better life and health for the greater good.

Priyanka Shrestha

Public Health is health that we decide to choose for ourselves as a community, a country, and the world itself.

Madison Snitker

Public health is the effort to improve and protect the health of all people to ensure they have the knowledge and tools to live their healthiest lives.

Anthony Surace

Public health means ensuring everyone has a fair chance at living a happy, healthy, and productive life.

Vincent Varvaro

Public health to me is the goal of achieving a more healthy population, both nationally and internationally - through policy, research, and medicine.

Andrea McGowan

Public Health is the recognition that solving our nations health crises require holistic, contextual, and comprehensive approaches executed by interdisciplinary teams.

Marcus McKay Jr.

Public health is the interdisciplinary field of study whose sole purpose is to investigate, inform, and intervene on any subject that causes harm to the health of the mass population.

Amelia Metcalf

Public Health is advocacy for the health of all; the advancement of science results in improved population health and overall quality of life.

Amanda Mohammed

Public health is about preparedness and incorporating a health equity lens to promote healthy outcomes for all.

Taylor Munro

Public health focuses on the health inequities and injustices that disproportionately affect people and strive to improve the health and well being of those communities, the environment, and social structures.

Athena Nguyen

Public health is working towards a more just, sustainable, and humane world.

Nihmath Nasiha Pattamaniar Sultan Maliq

Public Health is a field that strives to ensure complete well being of the population at large (all people without discrimination).

Brittney Peterkin

Public health is the practice of the educating communities and promoting prevention methods to improve the health outcomes locally and globally.

Alyssa Rentuza

Public health to me is not just the social, economic, judicial, medical, and biological factors that contribute to individual and community well-being, but also finding where we can contribute to and bolster the systems that support this well-being.

Jen Roux

To me, public health is the opportunity to extend humanity towards others and connect individuals, community and populations together through shared compassion and recognized interdependence.

Gabrielle Gussin

Public health describes a dynamic field that engages people from many different disciplines to understand, address, and intervene on the complex drivers of human health and disease.

Ana Francisca Soares de Castro Mendes

I believe that every day is a rewarding experience because I have the opportunity to learn and work with brilliant people in several areas.

Marija Aleksandraityté

Public health has led me to express my desire to help society be healthier and more active.

Vina Himmatus Sholikhah

Public Health is about protecting health and improving quality of life for all humans using different disciplines through collaboration among public health professionals, government, community organization and the private sector.

Sergio Alves

Public health refers to empowering and educating people to promote healthy lifestyles, in all forms, and prevent illness in a patient-centered manner as well as at a community level with the purpose of improving their quality of life.

Smitimedha Das

People typically choose public health, when they are keenly interested in helping others and improving society.

Jorge E Vilches

For me, Public Health means the better approach to understand and respond to health in the communities because this discipline considers all factors that could be determinant in health status, including and beyond the healthcare system.

Aibatyr Iskazin

Public health, as for me, is taking care and responsibility for the people around us.

Jeffrey Zen Liu

Public health, to me, is equity and equality. I believe that all people should have access to affordable healthcare regardless of economics, race, or other issues.

Emily Houston

Public Health is behind-the-scenes efforts to prevent disease and injuries and improve quality of life.

Marta Moniz

Public health ends and begins with people and it’s always for them that all matters are or should be directed.

Nan Chen

Public health is an area focused on dealing with issues associated with the protection and promotion of community health which involves sanitation, immunization, and preventive medicine.

Su Pei Khoo

To me, health is a basic human right and public health is a dynamic field of study which aims to improve health and well-being of the population.

Blessed Chetachi Egbuchulam

Public Health affords the opportunity to reach the unreached, thereby impacting lives and ensuring that people don't become victims of diseases that can be prevented.

Khawla Nasser AlDeen

To me, public health is the art of change-making to create equitable opportunities of health flourishing for all.

Pedro Villela Chavez

I am passionate for Global Health and my love for this area of study has taken me to organizations such as The United Nations and the World Bank.

Bryan Buckley

It will be important for the next generation to translate the amazing stuff we are doing in public health in a way that gets government leaders attention and promotes investment in a robust public health infrastructure.

Joshua Yudkin

I am very interested in cardiometabolic diseases and believe they are all the biggest public health threat.

Lucas Buyon

I'm currently focusing my dissertation on leveraging new ways to use genomic data to inform malaria epidemiology, vaccine development, and policy.

Haley Greene

I aspire to improve infectious disease reporting and control efforts in developing countries…

Puja Shah

My concentration is Epidemiology and I'm interested in utilizing data analytics to streamline screening and surveillance systems, specifically for vulnerable and underserved populations.

Ally Siegler

My time as a VISTA solidified my interest in community work and environmental/population health, especially when it comes to food access.

Man-fang Liang

Public health is a science with a variety of specialties, an aggregate of individuals and knowledge. No one can be excluded from public health. Through research and practice of interventions of public health practitioners, population health can be improved from all aspects of life.

Alyssa Na

I hope that in my future role as an health administrator, I can help develop and implement initiatives and interventions that promote better practices on a patient- and community-level.

Thanh Nguyen

I have many interests in public health, however the main two interests I’d have to pinpoint is in oral health and hospital associated infections.

Samraat Sexena

I have a passion for working in local communities and am striving towards being a better health educator.

Haley Delgado

I think that as the medical field approaches a personalized perspective, public health approaches and interventions should consider this as well.

Micaela Sandoval

One issue that's very important to me is diversity in public health.

Ashlee Nelson

I believe that if we focus on housing/quality of living conditions at a global level, many other issues would start to self-correct a bit or, at the very least, help to narrow the scope of what the next steps could be.

Lisa Strauss

My passion and interests relating to what I believe is one of the biggest public health threats facing the world today is that of vaccine hesitancy and antibiotic/antimicrobial resistance.

Michael Gonzalez, Jr.

One of the biggest challenges facing public health is fully achieving and maintaining social and environmental justice.

Abdullah Shihipar

I am in the generalist concentration, with a focus on overdose prevention and harm reduction.

Lindsey Tolman

My hope is to remedy these beliefs and work toward a more educated (and vaccinated) general population.

Steven Burton

Being able to work together in a setting that utilized teamwork and allowed me to significantly impact patients lives while I worked in a pediatric Emergency Department was the most rewarding experience of my career so far.

Tyler Walsh

The biggest public health threat that we face moving forward is the increase in vaccine preventable diseases and addressing the anti-vaccination movement.

Jasdeep Kler

I’m equally interested in public health research and translating those findings into public health policy.

Laurel Gumpert

The problem of vaccine hesitancy globally reduces herd immunity.

Kyera Suggs

I work for a local non-profit organization in Memphis with preschoolers.

Lauren Silverwood

It is our job as health professionals to constructively correct the misinformation that exists and innovatively reach communities that do not have adequate access to vaccinations.

Joanna McClain

I am interested in program evaluation, employee health, and family planning.

Abigail Lee

I believe the effect of societal stigma is an incredible issue in public health.

Sonia Sampson

So much of what influences our health occurs outside our interactions with medical professionals.

Keegan Krause

The public health issue that I see as most pressing right now is that im/migration is not explicitly viewed nor treated by our government as a public health issue, but rather as a "national security threat".

Kyanna Williams-Pate

Public health is bridging the gaps between health disparities to provide equitable healthcare for all.

Juan Gudino

My interest in public health was initially sparked by the various racial inequities that are found throughout the United States.

Zaena Tessema

My research interests primarily revolve around infectious diseases and emergency preparedness, which kind of tie into what I believe to be one of the biggest public health threats.

Kaela Edwards

I was fortunate enough to study both biology and Spanish during my undergraduate career. The intersection of health and culture has always been of interest to me. Public health was the perfect field to study acculturation and all the other factors that influence health.

Rachel Ford

I read "The Hot Zone" by Richard Preston in high school and realized that I was fascinated by epidemiology and how researchers work to track down the sources of disease and how they use that knowledge to implement future prevention strategies.

Alextia Armstrong

Public health is a universal umbrella--a crucial component needed to protect all things living and the environment safe from dangerous effects of disease, disasters and ultimately human actions.

Anna-Michelle McSorley

Public health is the advancement of social, political, and economic structures that support the health and well-being of all populations equitably.

Elliott Bosco

Public health is all efforts aimed at helping people live their healthiest lives.

Zuleyma Ruiz

As a Latina I discovered how important public health is to my community and wish to work towards increasing the health of undeserved and minority populations.

Ross Ogden

The most rewarding experience has been becoming aware of a different view of medicine regarding our entire country and world. And learning how health disparities and inequities continue the cycle of sickness, poverty, and mortality.

Laura Jones

Laboratory research is my first love but I wanted to do more with people and not just with cells and DNA, and epidemiology wound up being an excellent fit.

Seamus Taylor

Public health is ultimately about coming together as a community to better ourselves, our environment, and our interactions through evidence-based practices that center around health outcomes and the social determinants of health.

Alessandra Pratt

Public health is the silent hero protecting everyone from you to me.

Kamrie Sarnosky

Public Health is the complete wellbeing of the population and the planet in which we live!

Noble K. Salwan

Public health is a method of preventing diseases and infections from occurring, improving the quality of life, and working with racial disparities at a population level rather than an individual scope.

Jennie Toner-Algin

Public health is the way forward.

Morgan Drexler

Public Health means prevention and helping to implement behavior change to create healthier people and communities.

Mam Jarra Gai

Public health is working together on a local, national and international level to help ameliorate the health of the population as a whole.

Azka Khawaja

Public health is essential to preventing disease and injury, protecting populations, and invigorating people to lead healthy lives through research, policy, and health behavior strategies which is something I am proud to be a part of.

Shanaika Grandoit

Public health to me is shining light on the injustices people face across the world and being a drop in the bucket of change.

Mawyah Bashatah

Public Health is my life. I live to learn, educate, and promote Public health.

Melissa Otterbein

Public health is the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual empowerment of individuals and communities.

Ashiye Aator

My most rewarding experience is being taught by so many professors who are experts in the field of Public Health.

Karina Goicochea

Public health is advocating and empowering communities to live healthier and happier lives.

Adrianna Tirloni

Public health is spreading awareness.

Aishwarya Nagar

Public health is using transdisciplinary problem solving to improve health outcomes for everyone: from individuals to communities to whole ecosystems.

Meredith Morrison

Public health is about empowering individuals to be able to make informed decisions about their health.

Allante Moon

Public health is literally everything in the world! Specifically, for me, it’s education on healthy behaviors/lifestyles and prevention of disease for communities!

Sarah Andrea

What ISN'T public health?!?

Sabera Saleh

After visiting a small, under privileged community in Honduras I understood that Public Health is the most important area of study that I could use to one day help another human being.

Antonio Foles

Public Health is empowering individuals to make positive changes in their own health as well as in the community around them.

Meredith Yinger

Public Health is the well being of the population.

Kurayi Mahachi

Public health is providing communities all over the world with the preventative services to protect them from infectious diseases such cholera or malaria which could otherwise be prevented.

Vanessa Freire

Public health is the knowledge and power that comes with preventing diseases.

Vanessa Vassall

Public Health is empowering people to take their community's health into their own hands.

Ghenet Besera, MPH

Global Health
Atlanta, GA

Jeremy Kinsman, MPH

Global Health
Washington, DC

Ramya Kumar, MPH

Lusaka, Zambia

Katelynn Dodd, MPH

Morgantown, West Virginia

Jessica Sexton

Public Health is the epitome of teamwork and the force that will one day see the end of the AIDS epidemic.

Ans Irfan

Public health is the protection and amelioration of all what we eat, drink, breathe, and where we live, work and play. Public health is like oxygen; it is critical, but we do not see it in action.

Junaed Siddiqui

Public Health is making an impact in your life and in the lives of others by making healthy lifestyle choices!

Reece Lyerly

Public health is all about health equity and creating a world in which all persons can live active, healthy, and whole lives.

Katie Overbey

Bringing multiple people, talents, and fields together in order to protect and improve health.

Yoshira Ornelas

Public health is everyone's responsibility. We can each do our part to keep ourselves, our community, and our world healthy.

Diana Cassar-Uhl

Public health represents the place between what society provides and what individuals need in order to achieve their highest potential for health.

Megan Whetzel

Public Health to me, means that I will be involved in the process of protecting and improving the health of my community through the use of preventative medicine, health education, control of communicable diseases, application of sanitary measures, and monitoring of environmental hazards.

Danny Malashock, MS

Environmental Health
Climate Change, Washington, DC

Anthony Wilson, MPH

Health Policy
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

Molly Phares

Public health is promoting health through a community effort and lowering health threats and disparities.

Stuart Portman

Public health is the intersection of wellness, medicine, social norms, and policy which seeks to make meaningful changes in individuals and systems.

Sharon Qin

Public health is about attaining the physical and psychological well being for each and every individual around the globe, through collaboration and partnership among private sectors, community organizations, and public health leaders.

Esther Robbins

Public health is the ability to look at health issues in a community or population and create/develop solutions that have long-term impacts for promotion of health and prevention of disease.

Maya Robinson

Public health is gathering the community and interdisciplinary teams together to create an environment that will improve the quality of life for all individuals and provide sustainable tools that will encourage people to live healthier lives.

Oreoluwa Otubanjo

Public health is making a difference by improving the health of the community as a whole through the application of preventive measures.

Marysel Pagán Santana

Public health is the combination of all factors and determinants that affect an individuals’ health and by association the health of a community.

Antegoni Kyros

To me, public health is a field of medicine whose main objectives are not only to prevent disease while promoting health through various methods of treatment and education, but also to identify and understand the specific health needs of a population, to value those needs, and to work to fulfill them.

Marjorie Larson

Public health is the force dedicated to the advancement of the basic human right to health in all communities, local to global.

Melissa Leon

Public health means to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals.

Chelsea Lutz

Public health is the multidimensional integration of a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines for the betterment of human health and quality of life.

Rianna Murray

Public health is improving the physical, mental and social wellbeing of all humanity, regardless of age, gender, race/ethnicity, religion, or otherwise.

Frédérique Jean-Baptiste

Public health is promoting health through action, motivation, and education.

Paula Kamara

Public Health is protecting the global community by creating safe and healthy environments where people can reach their full potential.

Katie Kuhns

Public health is a field where scientists and practitioners unite to tackle current challenges, regardless of how big or small, that threaten to compromise the health, safety, and welfare of our people.

Eileen Dolan

During my undergraduate career I volunteered in the communities of Trujillo and Agallpampa, Peru and fell in love with the experiences I had helping people through parasite prevention, education and establishing free weekend health clinics.

Kristely Bastien

Global health is a combined effort that involves people from all walks of life; from nurses and tribal healers to translators and farmers. I want to be a part of their integrated efforts to support public health. Additionally, my volunteer work with a Special Olympics team showed me the importance of inclusivity and the power of compromise.

Brooke Farrenkopf

Public health is improving the health and lives of people, millions at a time.

Dan Finn

Public health is empowering the disadvantaged and disenfranchised.

Katelyn Hurley

Public health is improving the health of communities and populations through disease prevention and health promotion.

Mariam Irshad

Public health is the art and science of protecting the health of populations. Imagine the impact of healing a single person or fixing an individual condition; now multiple that by hundreds, thousands, even millions – that’s the impact of public health.

Brenda Bustillos

Public health is multi-faceted, population-based area of concentration for improved health and well-being; focusing on the greater ecological perspectives for prevention, intervention, education, and evaluation.

Abby Cabrera

Public health is the avenue in which social, physical, and mental health are addressed to improve the overall health and well-being of populations.

Nancy Cardona

Public health is not only the study and analysis of environmental impacts and human health disparities, or quantifying a specific disease in a community, but it’s also taking action on these, and engaging with the community.

Tara Chico

Public health is improving the health of families and communities through health promotion and disease prevention, detection and control through the lens of community empowerment.

Thomas Cordon

Public health to me is the sustainable, collective effort to promote well being, quality of life, and health equity to all members in a community.

Angela Ryck

Public health is about creating an environment that encourages people to make the healthy choice.

Juhi Goswamy

Public health is my passion. It is the ability to systematically identify and prevent disease through collaboration between interdisciplinary teams, communities, and populations.

Audrey Jacobsen

The biggest challenge in public health is finding novel ways to address health disparities in our communities.

Isabel Griffin

My passion for public health stems from my belief that we are to treat others how we would like to be treated and I wouldn’t want to be hungry, drinking contaminated water or dying of a preventable disease.

Joshua Sznol

I was inspired to study public health because of the emphasis on understanding an individual’s environment in determining disease.

Aly Jaffer

Public health is an ecosystem that is always changing—with different communities, cultures, and stakeholders—all of which have a vested interest in making a population healthy from the start.

Jennifer Clair

Public health is asking the hard questions.

Charles Chen

Public health is the holistic approach to addressing issues of social, mental, and physical health of a society over the course of a lifetime.

Chase Knickerbocker

Public health is getting the largest number of people in best health possible with efficiency, compassion, and collaboration.

Daniella Orihuela

Public health is the combination of a variety of interests and skills (engineering, medicine, environmental, education, etc.) coming together to provide people with the opportunities to lead healthier lives.

Daphney Dorcius

Public health is the interdisciplinary science that focuses on improving and promoting the complete health (mental, physical, behavioral) of individuals and communities.

Henry Olano

Public health fosters people’s wellbeing by providing our local, national, and global communities with the necessary tools for them to prevent disease and practice healthy living.

Jeffrey Lin

Public health encompasses the full spectrum of broad-based public initiatives that improve the health of our communities, whether they comprise a row of houses along a street, an entire school district, or an entire nation.

Maryann Koussa

Public health is community empowerment through reduction of health disparities, awareness and education of risk reduction strategies, and prevention and policy development.

Catarina Castruccio-Prince

Public health is developing sustainable interventions that inspire communities to be more participatory in their own health and wellness by promoting awareness and personal accountability.

Olivia Lawson

Public health is constant collaboration and communication with communities to work towards making sustainable healthy lifestyle choices.

Meghan Rosenkranz

Public health is the overall protection of population health by implementing comprehensive and multidisciplinary approaches that focus on prevention.

Christopher Kim

Public health, for me, is the endeavor to create a world in which all populations reach an ideal level of health and wellbeing.

Johanna Segovia

Public health is bridging opportunities to communities within and beyond our borders to a healthier quality of life.

Lisa Acuff

Public health embraces a holistic view of health for all individuals and populations.