Jaclyn Williamson

Jaclyn Williamson, MPH

Colorado School of Public Health
Global Health and Health Disparities

My name is Jaclyn Williamson, I earned a Master of Public Health with a concentration in Global Health and Health Disparities. Early in my career, I pursued positions involved in program planning, implementation, and evaluation. I sought out opportunities to work with community-based organizations (CBOs) locally and internationally to gain experience providing technical assistance and building the organizational capacity of CBOs to drive community change. In my most previous role as an Epidemiologist with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), I provided epidemiological support services to a network of local public health agencies (LPHAs) and their community partners to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on disproportionately affected groups. I am committed to advancing global health equity by strengthening public health systems and the public health workforce. My personal drive in public health has always been to develop and implement high-impact interventions to address global health challenges. Serving as a Health Education Fellow (HEF) presents an excellent opportunity to practice elearning instructional design and development to support the Workforce Development Team in the HIV Prevention Capacity Development Branch of the Division of HIV Prevention. I hope to gain technical skills in instructional design and the application of adult learning principles in health education and training development that will allow me to make high-quality contributions to future programs.

The Health Education Fellow (HEF) will be able to contribute to the HIV prevention workforce by developing a training development toolkit. The HIV prevention workforce would benefit from access to a toolkit that provides customizable tools, templates and resources needed to develop high-quality HIV prevention training. The HEF will also engage with Branch health education specialists and health scientists and with training development funding recipients to develop and review training materials for health departments, community-based organizations, and health care providers. The HEF will have the opportunity to provide technical assistance from an instructional design and educational program perspective to funding recipients and review training materials for several courses in various stages of development by applying CDC’s Quality Training Standards.

The HEF will be participating directly with WDT project teams in the following activities: attending project development meetings with the funding recipients; reviewing project instructional materials (e.g., training needs analysis, learning objectives and outline, storyboards); providing feedback on courses during the pilot phase; and providing input into the marketing plan and design for course launches, as applicable. The HEF will be meeting with Branch subject matter experts to learn how they interact with health education specialists to develop high quality HIV prevention trainings. The HEF will also be learning more about the use of CDC TRAIN for training registration and administration, data analysis, and the HIVCBA Learning Group.