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Academic Public Health


The Pressroom provides the latest news from ASPPH for our members, the press and policy makers and serves as a resource center. Informing and impacting the broader conversation on health, diversity, inclusion, and social justice.

To me, public health is the art of change-making to create equitable opportunities of health flourishing for all.
Khawla Nasser AlDeen, MPH student, TIPH Global Ambassador

ASPPH provides an opportunity for faculty to come together, absorb ideas, and challenge the answers to questions that we have come up with.
Shan D. Mohammed, Professor, Northeastern

ASPPH provides a wealth of public health resources and analytics to its institutional members, affiliates and the public. The information is always innovative, timely, and relevant to the public health field. Moreover, the leadership team and staff are always willing to assist with recruitment efforts, data dashboard questions, and problem solving. It’s an honor to be an institutional member of such a cutting-edge, well run organization.
Sharonda Wallace, Dean, Chamberlain University’s Public Health Program

Through ASPPH interactions we can come up with global guidelines on how public health should be taught.
Chang-Chuan Chan, Professor, Taiwan

ASPPH is a community of educational institutions where it is incredibly helpful for us to talk together about what we are doing and also how we can think about changing the dialogue of public Health.”
Ellen J. MacKenzie, Dean, Johns Hopkins

There are many different organizations that I could belong to, but here is only ONE organization that I have found consistently valuable to me. That is ASPPH. It strikes the right balance between thoughtful philosophy and practical application.
Randy Wykoff, Dean ETSU

Considering the current context, I believe that climate change, food insecurity and emerging and re-emerging infections are a priority for public health.
Ana Francisca Soares de Castro Mendes, PhD student, TIPH Global Ambassador