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Advocacy Approach

ASPPH takes a proactive, results-focused approach to influencing policy matters impacting schools and programs of public health, as well as the broader public health community. The ASPPH Advocacy Team is committed to taking impact-oriented actions through regular engagement with Congress, federal agencies, and key stakeholders.  This includes annual agenda-setting for funding, policy recommendations, and opportunities for collaboration on both the federal and global levels.  ASPPH also promotes the mobilization of grassroots advocacy efforts to effect a wide array of public health issues, leveraging its advisory Advocacy Committee and a vast network of deans, program directors, faculty, and students.

Advocacy Toolkit

ASPPH Advocacy Team

Tim Leshan
Tim Leshan, MPA

Chief External Relations & Advocacy Officer

Beeta Rasouli
Beeta Rasouli, MPH

Director of Advocacy & Federal Affairs

Policy Statements & Recommendations

Policy Statements

ASPPH works directly with Congress and Federal Agencies to further our advocacy efforts. Champions across the federal government are key to ensuring public health concerns are addressed in policies that affect us all. As such, we also monitor policies and we put out various statements in response to those we support and those that need guidance. 

Policy Recommendations

Policy recommendations serve to inform federal agencies, Congress, global organizations, and more on certain issues to help influence and guide them to make the best decisions for public health. ASPPH works closely with our members to recommend policies and funding to practices and initiatives that further our goals. 

ASPPH Announces FY 2025 Funding Priorities for Academic Public Health


Advocacy Handbook


ASPPH’s Advocacy Team developed this handbook with the hope that our members will become more involved in advocacy efforts to advance priorities for academic public health. This handbook is meant to proide our membebrs with a better understanding of the federal government, options for engaging with your Members of Congress, tools for advocacy strategy development, congressional outreach, and communicating with policymakers and, others helpful resources.

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ASPPH engages with and advocates for federal agencies and programs important to academic public health on a regular basis

Engagement with federal representatives is crucial to advancing public health. Below are resources on how you can connect with your congressional representatives and get involved with federal agencies:

Taking a stand and calling on members of congress is only one step towards achieving health equity and social justice. ASPPH leads initiatives that advance solutions to the critical public health challenges facing society, champion the development of a diverse and exceptional public health workforce, and uphold and advance excellence and innovation in teaching, research, and practice.