Message From CEO

The COVID-19 pandemic increased the visibility and interest in public health like never before, and people around the world now are keenly aware of the importance of the public health workforce. We are proud to represent more than 150 CEPH-accredited schools and programs that are training the current and future public health workforce, generating the evidence needed to protect populations’ health, advocating for health equity and justice, and engaging with communities to advance their health and wellbeing.

Led by our Board of Directors, ASPPH is working toward achieving the following five strategic goals of our Vision 2030:

  1. Advance solutions to the critical public health challenges facing society.
  2. Champion the development of a diverse and exceptional public health workforce.
  3. Uphold and advance excellence and innovation in teaching, research, and practice.
  4. Be the leading voice and authority on academic public health.
  5. Position ASPPH for long-term success and sustainability.

ASPPH’s strategic initiatives include:

  • Framing the Future 2030: envisioning the future of education for public health to create equitable, quality education in public health for achieving health equity and well-being for everyone, everywhere.
  • Dismantling Racism and Structural Racism in Academic Public Health: providing guidance, resources, and support to end the cultural and structural conditions that enable racism in academic public health institutions.
  • Climate Change and Health: developing recommendations and providing support for members to respond to the climate change crisis through education, research, practice, and advocacy strategies.
  • Center for Public Health Workforce Development: developing and strengthening the public health workforce to meet the demands of the moment and the needs of the future.
  • Gun Violence Prevention: catalyzing action-oriented steps to tackle gun violence as a public health crisis.
  • Student Success: recruiting a diversified body of public health students, increasing and improving student pathways into public health, providing support and encouragement throughout their education, and working with practice partners to provide mentored, practical training experiences prior to graduation.
  • Advocacy: as the leading voice in academic public health, advocating on major public health issues to impact public policy and increase federal funding.

Through these and many other activities, ASPPH demonstrates its dedication to our vision of improved health and wellbeing for everyone, everywhere.


Laura Magaña, PhD, MS


Laura Magana posing for a photo with ASPPH award winners at the 2024 Annual Meeting
Laura Magana graciously accepting an award
Laura Magana speaking at the 2024 ASPPH Annual Meeting
Laura Magana shaking a women's hand
Laura Magana and Julio Frenk speaking at 2024 ASPPH Annual Meeting plenary session
Laura Magana posing for a picture with various people
Laura Magana accepting an award
Laura Magana speaking at an event
Sandro Galea, Rob Wilcox, and Laura Magana smiling for a photo
Laura Magana presenting a slide
Laura Magana speaking at the World Health Congress