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What should governments be thinking about when it comes to communicating effectively to protect public health during a large-scale emergency?

That’s the question that a group of experts from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health’s Emergency Preparedness Research, Evaluation & Practice (EPREP) Program sought to answer in a study published in mid-November.

The team interviewed 27 individuals representing governments from 19 countries—all people with experience dealing with large-scale emergencies. Based on the interviews, the researchers identified nine crucial principles for effective communication, including providing information in a timely manner, being transparent about what’s known and what’s not known, coordinating messaging across local, state, and national agencies, and being proactive. #NPHW

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The landscape of public health is always changing and evolving with new tools and innovations to make it easier to promote well-being. ASPPH members at UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health are on the frontlines of these innovations for weight-loss management apps. Researchers are finding that making a few key changes to these apps can promote healthy weight loss.

They have found that by adding a ‘human touch’ to this tech, such as personalized goals and feedback and the ability to track eating, physical activity, and weight consistently, users often find more success in their weight loss journey. #NPHW

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Celebrate National Public Health Week and join us on April 4 for our upcoming webinar to explore the variety of public health careers. Our distinguished panel, comprising honorees from the esteemed @debeaumontfndtn’s 40 Under 40 in Public Health program, will delve into their varied roles spanning diverse sectors of public health.

This session is designed for everyone, from prospective students to early-career professionals, offering a comprehensive view of the career paths available in public health. Discover the opportunities you can pursue with a public health degree. Learn about careers in the private sector, government, climate justice, and oral health initiatives. Get inspired and informed about the impactful work in the field of public health to help build healthy neighborhoods.

Don’t miss this chance to expand your understanding of public health careers!

Register today at the link in our bio.

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As we wrap up Women’s History Month, we honor the influential women in academic public health who have made significant strides and are making history every day.

Their leadership, expertise, and dedication are driving positive change and creating healthier futures for populations around our own communities and the globe. Happy Women’s History Month!
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Thank you to everyone who joined us at the #ASPPHAnnualMeeting! We welcomed 840+ attendees from 10 countries for three days of collaborative learning, networking, and innovation. From insightful expert-led sessions and inspiring speakers to thriving communities and advancing academic public health, it was energizing to engage in such crucial discussions with you all.

What was your favorite session this year?

Save the date for the next annual meeting, March 19-21, 2025, and stay tuned for more opportunities to engage in public health’s most pressing conversations.
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We began an educational transformation journey with the release of the ASPPH’s Framing the Future 2030 reports at the #ASPPHAnnualMeeting. The reports from the three expert panels - Inclusive Excellence through an Anti-racism Lens, Transformative Approaches to Teaching and Learning, and Fostering Community Partnerships for a Healthier World - provided comprehensive recommendations, strategies, and guiding questions.

Participants shared successes from their institutions and explored new directions for enhancing teaching and learning in public health.

🔗 Discover these transformative insights by visiting the link in our bio.

Let’s shape the future of public health education together!
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Exciting news for #ASPPHAnnualMeeting attendees - Come prepared to learn about how we're shaping a healthier world through the Framing the Future 2030 initiative.

The 3rd and final report is now available - Fostering Community Partnerships for a Healthier World. In our anticipated presentation during the #ASPPHAnnualMeeting, attendees will dive into discussions on strategic community partnerships and innovative education in public health, responding to today’s challenges like never before. You'll get to be a part of the movement that redefines our collective approach to health and society, paving the way for a future where everyone thrives.

Review all three reports at the link in our bio.
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We would like to share a heartfelt thank you to all the sponsors and exhibitors who will be a part of the #ASPPHAnnualMeeting this week! Your invaluable contributions play a crucial role in the success of this year’s event. We are grateful for your partnership and commitment to the public health community, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration to shape the future of public health!

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