Kyra Cummings, BSPH, MPH

Temple University, College of Public Health

I am a recent graduate from Temple University’s BS/MPH 4+1 program. Addressing health disparities, social justice, maternal child health, and overdose prevention all motivate my public health practice.

During this fellowship year, I am looking forward to growing professionally and expanding my work experience all while addressing overdose prevention and promoting health equity. This fellowship will benefit my long-term career plans in public health and allow me to put my studies into practice. I am excited to enhance my skills, build my network, and collaborate with stakeholders in the government.

I will support the launch of CDC’s new 5-year Co-operative Agreements with state and local health departments by contributing to state and local health department staff training. Additionally, I will conduct syntheses of information about workforce capacity expansion, and effective opioid prevention activities’ scope and nature in support of state efforts to effectively utilize investment funds.