Lindsay Strickland

Lindsay Strickland, MPH

University of Virginia MPH Program
Research in Practice

What inspired you to study public health? 

I was drawn to public health because it focuses on preventing disease and even spread in an infectious disease context. Additionally, it’s rewarding to investigate diseases and barriers in achieving positive well-being on a population level. This can lead to larger impacts and changes on a greater scale. I was drawn to the clinical research side of public health as a previous patient in a clinical study for peanut hypersensitivity. I really wanted to further explore epidemiological studies and the role they play in investigating health outcomes. Being on the patient side of things, I felt like I could bring a unique perspective to the field and further advocate for patients in a career. Additionally, I had a strong interest in learning about LEAN in a healthcare context. These interests drove me to a MPH with a focus in Research in Practice at the University of Virginia.

What has been the single most rewarding experience of your career/studies so far? 

The integrative learning experience within the program was the most rewarding experience so far. I was able to examine a topic of interest and cultivate a deliverable that I’m really proud of. I examined emergency department patients who had either a COVID-19 or exposed to COVID-19 diagnosis code to explore their demographics and primary and secondary diagnoses. This study helped tell a story about the patients coming into emergency department during the pandemic, and it can be used as a lessons learned for future public health emergencies.

Where did you do your practicum? What was it about? 

Boys & Girls Club; I went to the Boys & Girls Club every week to lead and engage the kids in physical activity games and exercises. At the end of the semester, I put together videos for different audiences regarding mental health and mindfulness for children for educational purposes.

What do you hope to accomplish in your career? 

I will be entering the pharmaceutical industry full-time after graduation. I hope to continue to advocate for patients in a way I set out to when I decided to further my education with a MPH. Having a MPH background allows me to understand the complexities of health and how social inequities can be a driving force in overall well-being. As I begin and further my career, I aim to continue the conversation regarding health disparities and access to ensure positive health outcomes for all communities and populations.


I think keeping an open mind about your career and interests is so beneficial when starting out in public health. There are so many avenues and areas of study within public health that you may not even realize that you are interested in.

If you are working, what is your job? 

Currently an Immunology US-Medical Affairs Program Management Intern at Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine.

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