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An education in public health starts in the classroom but continues to evolve after graduation and into professional life.
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Savannah (Savi) Brenneke

The pursuit of justice in the face of unjust institutions and systems that act against the health of populations.

Yve Francois

Public Health is mom where medicine is dad; you don't know or appreciate how much behind-the-scenes work happens until mom goes on vacation.

SriLasya Reddy

Public health, to me, is a platform to advocate for those who need it and an inclusive community where people are accepted and valued regardless of their race, sexuality, and gender.

Pranav Kapoor

Public Health is the link that connects people from all different backgrounds to opportunities that enable them to improve their health.

Omkari Kunam

Public Health is serving a community as a whole to promote good health based on the specific needs of that specific community in a way that is culturally appropriate.

Olivia Zarella

Public health is an opportunity to make a change to multiple of aspects of society.

Noor Ali

Public Health, to me, is the collaboration of the art and science of medicine.

Nikita Wagle

Public health to me is an opportunity to impact several lives at a time.

Ngozi Fadulu

Public Health is improving the overall health of the community

Michelle Delgado

To me, public health means promotion of health prevention while taking into consideration health inequities and social justice.

Marshae Nickelberry

To me, Public Health is all about people and the ways in which the world around them impacts their overall well-being.

Madi Bautista

Public health is everything.

Maddie Kasimanickam

Public health is the science of improving the health and safety of communities and populations through education, policymaking, and research.

Liz Lusk

Public health is the practice of assisting our people and communities in living a good quality of life.

Lauren Kauffman

Public Health is the intersection of several disciplines - biology, statistics, psychology, social sciences, and communications, just to name a few – with the purpose of positively impacting health in the larger population; health, in this context, includes not just the prevention and treatment of disease, but also the larger goal of promoting overall physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being.

Lauren Bell

Public Health to me is the means to give people the access and the tools to live a healthy and successful life, which includes health education, access to healthcare services, and adequate, thorough health care.

Laura Bryson

Public health is perspective from which to study, understand, and improve the complex ways people interact with their self, community, environment, and policies that influence multidimensional health, from the individual level to the global population.

Larry Warner

To me, public health is the combination of social and healthcare services and workforces which strive to create healthy communities; prevent and respond to illness and injury; and promote health equity.

Kimberly McNally

Public health is a commitment to value the health of others and the environment.

Johnny Barba

Public health, to me, can be epitomized by throwing a small stone into still water such that the ripple effects of one seemingly small action can reach out and touch all aspects of the shore--that is, all the many lives around us.

Joba Odediran

Public Health is Social Justice.

Jacquita Johnson

Public health is social justice, an avenue to achieve equity for us all.

Hannah Aaron

Public health is the way to understand the complex factors and determinants that make up the health of populations and communities.

Gabri’el Shabazz

Do best what people need most!

Erin Manalo-Pedro

Public health is the ongoing, organized effort to develop environments for all people to feel whole, including identifying and changing conditions in conflict with this goal.

Emily Bradford

Public health is broad term used to describe a collection of efforts to identify and address areas of health concern in the community.

Liz Lusk

Public health is the practice of assisting our people and communities in living a good quality of life.

Eliza Steere

Public health to me is protecting communities from negative health outcomes through promoting positive health behaviors and lifestyles.

Destany Ware

Public Health is the advocacy for and dedication to other's wellbeing in a healthy matter, to ensure the healthiest life for oneself and one's community.

Danielle Harmon

Public health to me is the overall initiative to better the health of our communities and population through science-based research, health promotion programing and education.

Dan Popkin

Public health is a multidisciplinary collaboration to improve health on both an individual, as well as a population level.

Cheyanne Busso

Public health is the study, promotion, and advocacy of all health matters, including mental and physical health as well as the societal factors that influence safety and well-being.

Carlos Orellana Garcia

Public health is the science that promotes prevention and safety of improving the health of communities through education, advocacy, and research for disease prevention at an individual and population level.

Calli Laskowski

Public health is the continued, rigorous work to protect and promote EVERYBODY'S health.

Bryce Takenaka

To me, public health is about preventing and addressing upstream determinants that cause inequities across populations.

Bethany Ockerbloom

Public health is achieving health equity.

Anushree Gade

Public health, to me, means interdisciplinary collaboration in order to enhance overall health by identifying gaps and inequities in the healthcare delivery system.

Aneeka Ratnayake

Pubic health to me means optimizing the full spectrum of society's wellbeing in an evolving global context.

Albana Ochaeta

Public Health is a field that aims to improve health outcomes in populations--whether locally or globally--through intersectoral collaboratives focused on prevention, education, and research.

Walae Hayek

Public health is a multidisciplinary field dedicated to achieving health equity and preventing disease by addressing the social determinants of health.

Samantha Griffin

Public health is about recognizing and breaking down barriers to give everyone a right to health.

Emily Gordon

Public health is a collection of innovative ideas to improve varying aspects of life for populations of people.

Catherine Cortez

Public health is a committed, collaborative effort to investigate and address the “who, what, where, when, why, and how” of achieving optimal health & well-being across all populations.

Rajrupa Ghosh

Public health is a way to improve health, preventing disease, and promoting a healthy lifestyle among the population.

Kelli Gribben

Public health is an interdisciplinary field focused on advancing the health of our communities through research and practice.

Christopher Hopkins

I see public health as an interdisciplinary force that aims to improve health and wellness by building up community resources thereby improving the overall health of the nation.

Tyler Beauregard

As a clinician, public health is what we do to promote health and well-being for more than one person; if it was only for one person, it would be clinical practice.

Alexandra Fox

To me, public health is about bridging the gaps between healthcare and health equity through education and patient empowerment.

Deanna Gatling

Public health is a collaboration of concepts and ideas that are the foundation for building strong, healthy communities.

Alexis Donaldson

Public health takes a scientific and data-driven approach to ensuring the mental and physical health and safety of the public.

Relicious Eboh

Public health is the intersection between society and health to aid in preventing diseases.

Ashley Fenton

Public health, for me, is promoting and educating individuals from different backgrounds and communities on health behaviors and wellness to prevent illness and injury.

Katarina Domitrovich

Public health, to me, describes a public system--an overarching umbrella--which is made up of specialists trained in specific areas with the common goal: to keep the people it serves, including the environment and all its creatures, safe, and efficiently running without prejudice, without hate, without political bias, and with a constant eye on how we can do better, be better, and prepare better in the future.

Amber Deckard

Whether it be through advocacy, programming, or by simply lending a helping hand, public health to me is about addressing the barriers and needs of a population in order to enable them to have optimal physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health.

Linda Chyr

Public health protects and improves individual, family, community, and population health and well-being through rigorous science and advocacy.

Brigitte Dietz

Public health is the collaboration of social and scientific disciplines to facilitate improved population health and happiness, at any and every level possible.

Joshua Castro

Public Health is a multisectorial approach toward protecting and prolonging life by improving the quality of health of all people and their communities.

Teace Markwalter

Public Health is protecting the health and wellbeing of humans, animals, and the environment.

Gen Zhu

Public health is to improve the health and wellness of people through scientific research, interdisciplinary collaboration, and various programs and services.

Sydney Chaves

Public health is challenging inequities to create a better life and health for the greater good.

Tate Atkinson

Moving towards equity in our communities health

Evelyn Zavala

Public health is almost everything around us, it is what keeps all of us healthy and well!

Juliana Barounis

Public health is the overall well-being of human beings and society, in terms of mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health.

Courtney Blondino

Public health is everything and everywhere.

Ashley Vaughn

Public health means acknowledging the interconnectedness of our world and using it to address the root of the inequalities in health outcomes that we see today.

Clarisse Vidal

Public health protects and promotes population health.

Priyanka Shrestha

Public Health is health that we decide to choose for ourselves as a community, a country, and the world itself.

Madison Snitker

Public health is the effort to improve and protect the health of all people to ensure they have the knowledge and tools to live their healthiest lives.

Vincent Varvaro

Public health to me is the goal of achieving a more healthy population, both nationally and internationally - through policy, research, and medicine.

Anthony Surace

Public health means ensuring everyone has a fair chance at living a happy, healthy, and productive life.

Jen Roux

To me, public health is the opportunity to extend humanity towards others and connect individuals, community and populations together through shared compassion and recognized interdependence.

Athena Nguyen

Public health is working towards a more just, sustainable, and humane world.

Andrea McGowan

Public Health is the recognition that solving our nations health crises require holistic, contextual, and comprehensive approaches executed by interdisciplinary teams.

Taylor Munro

Public health focuses on the health inequities and injustices that disproportionately affect people and strive to improve the health and well being of those communities, the environment, and social structures.

Brittney Peterkin

Public health is the practice of the educating communities and promoting prevention methods to improve the health outcomes locally and globally.

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