Published Research Article

Expectations of employers in the US for entry-level public health job skills with a bachelor’s degree

October 5, 2023

Back view of a female lecturer in a pink shirt addressing a diverse group of students in an auditorium

A recent research study aimed to understand the labor market dynamics for bachelor’s-level graduates in public health. Utilizing, 365 public health-related job postings from across the US were analyzed between November 7 and 14, 2022. The analysis focused on various aspects such as job titles, organizational requirements, qualifications, experience, location, and necessary skills. The findings identified 31 distinct job titles. Geographically, around 32.33% of these jobs were located in the Northeastern US, with another 23.56% in the Southeast.

The study highlights the significance of specific skills in the public health domain - over 92% of the jobs emphasized the importance of both oral and written communication, while 85.21% highlighted skills related to public health education promotion. Other vital abilities included cultural competency, project and case management. The insights from this study underline the importance for public health students to be trained in diverse, strategic skills suitable for various roles within the sector. Recognizing the evolving nature of public health, it is essential to maintain a continuous evaluation of the labor market, benefitting not just students and professionals but also educators and policymakers.