ASPPH collects and analyzes data on the academic public health enterprise to inform education, research, and practice activities of our members and of the Association.


ASPPH serves as the premier data resource on academic public health for members, policymakers, the media, and the field of public health.


ASPPH Research

ASPPH conducts research to inform stakeholders on trends in academic public health and the public health workforce. Using data collected via annual member reporting, the SOPHAS centralized application service, the National Center for Education Statistics, and surveys or one-time data collection, ASPPH seeks to translate research into public health practice and policy.
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ASPPH Data Center

The ASPPH Data Center collects and analyzes data in support of academic public health. In addition to the ASPPH members only Data Center Portal, the ASPPH Data Center offers strategic consulting as well as custom reports and workshops.
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Member Research in Public Health

ASPPH members conduct research to learn about health behaviors, injury and disease risk factors, and disease trends and forecasting. Research findings are used to design interventions, influence decision-makers, and improve public health outcomes.
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Research & Practice Team

Dr. Emily Burke leads research and practice activities for ASPPH. She is the director of the ASPPH Center for Public Health Workforce Development, leading efforts to recruit, train, and retain a diverse public health workforce.

Emily Burke, EdD, MPH, CPH

Senior Director of Workforce Development and Applied Practice

Christine Plepys is the director of the ASPPH Data Center, leading efforts to ensure evidence-based decision-making in academic public health. She conducts research and assists ASPPH members in developing and implementing institutional research strategies.

Christine Plepys, MS

Research and Data Analytics Lead

Frank Smith oversees enterprise data management and business intelligence for ASPPH. He transforms raw data so ASPPH members can derive clear and actionable insights.

Frank Smith, MBA, MA

Data Architect

Sarah Gusman manages the ASPPH Data Center Portal and leads our annual reporting activities, ensuring the reports and dashboards provided to ASPPH members are accurate and intuitive.

Sarah Gusman, MPH

Data Analyst I

Kaitlin Tager supports efforts to recruit, train, and retain a diverse public health workforce through project management and program evaluation of initiatives within the ASPPH Center for Public Health Workforce Development.

Kaitlin Tager, MPH, CHES

Senior Manager of Workforce Development and Applied Practice

Monica González Stadtler is the Director of Graduate Training Programs and oversees all ASPPH Fellowship and Internship Programs. She leads efforts to secure training opportunities with our federal partners and to recruit, select, and place diverse cohorts of fellows who train to be our next generation of public health leaders.

Monica González Stadtler

Director of Graduate Training

Sara McDowell supports the planning, implementation, and evaluation of grant-funded projects to recruit, train, and retain a diverse public health workforce.

Sara McDowell, MPH, CPH

Manager of Disease Intervention Initiatives