Skill-Building Workshops

On Saturday, March 23 from 9:00AM – 12:00PM, we are offering three (optional) skill-building workshops for attendees. These workshops offer dynamic learning environments where participants actively engage in hands-on activities, guided exercises, and collaborative discussions to enhance personal and professional pursuits. Ranging from technical proficiencies to soft skills development, these sessions cater to a diverse audience seeking to expand their expertise and adaptability. Facilitated by experienced instructors or subject matter experts, skill-building workshops not only provide valuable insights and strategies but also create a supportive space for participants to learn from each other’s experiences. Registrants can add a workshop to their registration for an additional fee.

Fostering a Culture of Innovation by Working Backwards

Discover the “working backwards” mechanism that lies at the heart of Amazon’s success as one of the world’s most innovative companies. Learn how to apply their people-centric approach to foster a culture of innovation at your academic institution. The workshop will introduce you to the questions and artifacts that will help you think deeply about the needs of the communities and populations you serve, clarify problems, and rapidly develop innovative solutions that work. This workshop will be facilitated by AWS, platinum sponsor of the 2024 ASPPH Annual Meeting.

Leveraging Generative Artificial Intelligence for Public Health Educators

Learn the basics of generative AI and ways it can be applied in the classroom by building a demo teaching assistant (TA). In this skill-building workshop, you’ll gain an overview of machine learning, AI concepts, and available AWS services to help you get started with low-cost, low-code solutions. Using a Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) approach to combine Large Language Model (LLM) prompts with contextual information sourced from course content, you will build a domain-specific chatbot to help students study and better understand public health concepts. This workshop will be facilitated by AWS, platinum sponsor of the 2024 ASPPH Annual Meeting, and held offsite at the AWS Skills Center, 1550-G Crystal Drive, Arlington. No previous AI, AWS, or coding experience is required.

Utilizing a Culturally Responsive and Racially Equitable Engagement and Evaluation Strategy

Adequately capturing and reporting data about, on, or for marginalized communities and populations has historically been limited due to the lack of an appropriate equity lens. This workshop offers concrete strategies that begin with centering the population and communities in decision-making and processes for teaching, applied practice, and research as part of the mission-alignment of academic institutions. The workshop facilitators have defined this as Culturally Responsive Practice which embraces both the learners’ and educators’ lived experiences as part of a process that elevates and transforms educational systems to dismantle structural barriers to health equity and inclusive excellence. Attendees will be able to translate their unique Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) programmatic goals as a part of this interactive workshop. This workshop will be facilitated by the Mirror Group.

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