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ASPPH Welcomes New ASPPH/CDC Public Health Fellows

ASPPH welcomes two new fellows who will engage in practice-based training assignments through the ASPPH/CDC Public Health Fellowship Program. The ASPPH Fellows will train for the next 8 months, with a possible one-year extension, in two CDC Centers/Institutes/Offices: the National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (NCEZID), and the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD).

The two new fellows are:


During the fellowship assignment period, the fellows will train under the guidance of public health experts within CDC while contributing to a variety of projects that will advance the agencies’ priority areas. “I am excited to have the opportunity to join the ASPPH/CDC Fellowship”, states Ms. Li. “Learning and training directly with mentors from the CDC, in conjunction with working on healthcare-related projects, will rejuvenate and sharpen my data analytic skills and experience to succeed as an aspiring epidemiologist. At the end of this fellowship, I believe I will be better equipped to chart out my custom path to make an impact in the public health field.”  Mr. Madden adds, “The ASPPH/CDC Fellowship is an opportunity to work with the best and the brightest minds in public health in America. More specifically, in working with NCIRD, I will get first-hand experience with immunization delivery services, a far-reaching segment of public and global health – one that is especially topical in the current phase of the COVID-19 response. This experience will help me grow as a public health professional and give me the tools to make a larger impact as I continue down my public and global health career path.”

ASPPH would like to thank CDC for their continued support of the program.

For more information on the ASPPH/CDC Public Health Fellowship Program please visit: or email