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ASPPH Presents Webinar: Superhero Survival Skills for Faculty


The educational superheroes of 2020 are those undergraduate and graduate faculty who’ve had to transition from the classroom to the online environment in record time. It’s not been easy, but what an awesome learning experience! In this interactive webinar, we will share what student-centered learning is and how to achieve it online.

We’ll identify best practices for assessments and learning activities for online courses, and share some of our favorite tools to help faculty. Participants are encouraged to come with questions and share their experiences in transitioning their residential courses to a remote environment.

  • Featured Speakers

    Mary-Katherine McNatt, DrPH, MPH

    Department Chair and Associate Professor
    A.T. Still University College of Graduate Health Studies

    Mary-Katherine McNatt is the Public Health Department Chair at AT Still University. She has been involvedin online teaching and course development for more than 10 years,and enjoys working toward keeping courses innovative and experiential.

    C Sue McDaniel, MS

    Instructional Designer/QM Coordinator
    A.T. Still University College of Graduate Health Studies

    Sue McDaniel has been working in the instructional design field for more than 15 years and enjoys the challenge of creating engaging and educational courses.

    Susan Thomas, MSEd

    Instructional Designer
    A.T. Still University College of Graduate Health Studies

    Susan Thomas has designed instruction for online delivery for more than 15 years and enjoys helping instructors create the ideal online learning experience.

  • Learning Outcomes
    • List tools to help faculty survive – especially for those who’ve never taught online
    • Explain student-centered learning and how to achieve that online
    • Identify best practices – assessment and learning activity ideas, Zoom etiquette, length of lecture videos, FERPA issues/make videos on YouTube unlisted
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  • Presentation Slides with Speaker Notes

    Download the Superhero Survival Skills for Faculty slide presentation with speaker notes here. Download presentation.

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ASPPH 202-296-1099