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ASPPH Presents Webinar, Student Services Spotlight – Digital Marketing Strategies: Success Stories for Student Affairs

This webinar will focus on social media strategy and will include an analysis of the This Is Public Health and Global Health Now brands as resources for marketing, recruitment, and education of prospective graduate public health students. The presenters will highlight how social media can continue to be used throughout the student life cycle to engage students in student services activities and offerings. Participants will also have a chance to hear from current TIPH Ambassadors to learn more about upcoming trends and topics in the social media world.

 Learning Objectives- After completing this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Give examples of the many social media platforms used for marketing, recruiting, and educational awareness of public health for prospective students
  • Discuss common campaign strategies and evaluation methods for social media platforms
  • Explain how to repurpose general public health news/existing content for specific campaign objectives to further their school’s aims