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ASPPH Presents Webinar: Learn to Mine the Big Cities Health Coalition Data Platform

Join ASPPH, the Big Cities Health Coalition (BCHC), and our partners for an introduction to the new Big Cities Health Inventory (BCHI) data platform. This platform, a resource to the public health research community, is a compendium of more than 12,000 data points comprising more than 30 health indicators.

Project partners will highlight what data are available and how  the platform can be used for a variety of purposes, including downloading custom data sets by city or by health indicator category and creating graphics perfect for social media (or other) use(s). We’ll also explain how the tool might be most useful for a variety of audiences from researchers to health departments to public health advocates.

In addition, the BCHC published a report with a number of case studies featuring innovative, proven public health practices from big cities across the United States, as well as topline findings regarding several key health indicators. The platform was developed in partnership with Socrata, a company that helps make data easier to find, access, and use.

Learning objectives:

  • Find out how to find key public health data points for 26 of the largest, most urban cities in the United States, including information on nine categories of broad health indicators such as:
    • Infectious Disease
    • Cancer
    • Maternal and Child Health
    • Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity
  • Learn how to compare data across cities.
  • See how to create custom infographics great for presentations and social media.

Featured speakers:

Chrissie Juliano, Director, The Big Cities Health Coalition
Matt Hauler, Health Account Lead, Socrata
Mark Silverberg, Data Solutions Architect, Socrata

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