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ASPPH Presents Webinar: Academic Public Health and the Family Immigration Crisis

ASPPH will held a special webinar to provide current information about the status and implications of the Trump Administration’s migration and immigration policy changes and their impact on migrant families. The session also will focus on what schools, programs, faculty, and students can do to have their voices heard on immigration and migrant issues, as well as what individuals they can do locally to help affected children and families.

The webinar featured presentations from various experts including immigration lawyers, Congressional staff, representatives from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Psychological Association, higher education advocates involved in immigration issues, and the director of a child advocacy legal clinic.

Topics addressed:

  • The Current Status of Immigration Policy Changes and Litigation
  • Congressional Action on Immigration Issues
  • Health Impacts on Affected Children and Parents
  • Being an Effective Advocate on Immigration and Other Issues
  • Advocating on Federal Policies on Immigration Issues
  • Making a Difference in Your Community

Please share information on this special event with your faculty, staff and students.