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Student & Alumni Achievements

Student & Alumni Achievements

Yale: Student and Alum Father Driven to Address Health Equity

Like father, like daughter.

Dr. Ryan Saadi, who holds an MPH from Yale, is passionate about ensuring access to health care, not just in the United States, but throughout the world. He has passed this passion onto his daughter, Ms. Emily Saadi, who is following in his footsteps as an MPH student at the Yale School of Public Health.

In fact, some very distinguished professors from the school, including Professor Emeritus Dr. Curtis Patton, helped fire Emily’s passion as she tagged along as a young girl on her father’s visits for alumni days and other special occasions.

“I’ve taken in the Yale School of Public Health since I was seven,” said Ms. Saadi, now a first-year student in the Department of Chronic Disease Epidemiology. In high school she wrote a paper on drug innovation that examined the United States’ role in global development of new drugs and its importance in the face of market pricing differences around the world.

Dr. Saadi has had a distinguished career that spans all sectors of the health care industry. While working in the emergency room at Yale-New Haven Hospital, he established correlation between emergency room (ER) presentation pattern of alcohol intoxication and trauma. This observation led to a change in Connecticut law that facilitated getting people into rehab.

Upon graduation, he became a hospital administrator in Nevada where he recognized a high rate of children with cancer. Basic epidemiology led him to discovery of high levels of arsenic in ground water in the district, which happened to house a Navy air base. Again, he reached out to lawmakers and houses in the area are now required to have reverse osmosis water purification systems.

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