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School & Program Updates

School & Program Updates

Yale: New Leadership Saves Lives Toolkit Available

The American College of Cardiology (ACC) recently launched the Leadership Saves Lives (LSL) Toolkit, a companion initiative to Surviving MI (myocardial infarction). Led by Dr. Leslie Curry, a senior research scientist in health policy and management at the Yale School of Public Health, the toolkit includes practical tools and insights about how hospitals achieve culture change. LSL was created on a team-based leadership intervention in ten U.S. hospitals to: promote uptake of evidence-based strategies associated with better 30-day risk standardized mortality rates (RMSR) for patients with acute myocardial infarction, drive improvements in five domains of organizational culture and reduce RSMR. Find out more and download the toolkit at

Funded by the Donaghue Foundation, Translating Leadership Saves Lives for Global Impact, A Research to Practice Project will leverage expertise from diverse sectors, bringing together researchers, health care practitioners, and knowledge translation experts to translate, package and spread new knowledge generated through LSL. Using established approaches from the fields of knowledge translation, knowledge transfer and implementation science, researchers propose to spread two types of new knowledge:

The portfolio of products will be diverse in and tailored to particular audiences, with focus on hospital executives, clinicians (physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and pre-hospital providers), and quality improvement experts all working in cardiovascular care, the same types of healthcare professionals from which the LSL evidence base was derived. Educational products and implementation supports that include the following:

Watch the video to learn about the seven (7) strategies you can use to lower 30-day mortality rates with Surviving MI.