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Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

Yale: Four Faculty Members Elected to State Scientific Academy

Four Yale School of Public Health faculty — Drs. Serap Aksoy, Harvey Risch, Jeffrey Townsend and Shuangge Steven Ma — have been elected to the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering. The academy, which is modeled on the National Academy of Sciences, identifies and studies issues and technological advances that are of concern to the people of Connecticut, and provides expert advice on science and technology-related issues to state government and institutions.

Dr. Serap Aksoy, professor of epidemiology, was cited for studies on biology of tsetse flies and trypanosome pathogens providing global approaches for control of African trypanosomiasis.

Dr. Shuangge Steven Ma, professor of statistics, was cited for foundational contributions to the development of statistical techniques, including cutting-edge statistical methods for analysis of -omics and public health studies.

Dr. Harvey Risch, professor of epidemiology, was cited for his fundamental contributions to the understanding of the causes of cancer, particularly of the lung, ovary and pancreas.

Dr. Jeffrey P. Townsend, Elihu Professor of Biostatistics, was cited for the development of innovative approaches to population biology, including the evolution of antimicrobial resistance, disease evolution and transmission, and evolution of tumorigenesis.

Additionally, Dr. Michelle L. Bell, Mary E. Pinchot, professor of environmental health at the  Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, and Dr. Eugene D. Shapiro, professor of pediatrics and of epidemiology, were also elected to the academy. Both have secondary appointments at the Yale School of Public Health.