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Member Research & Reports

Brown: Validation of a New Three-item Self-report Measure for Medication Adherence

Dr. Ira Wilson, professor and chair in the department of health services, policy and practice in the Brown University School of Public Health, and colleagues tested the validity of a self-report scale for Medication Adherence. The work is published in AIDS and Behavior.

20151204_1219 Wilson
[Photo: Dr. Ira Wilson]

Medication adherence researchers have long debated the validity of self-report. A wide variety of self-report measures have been used, but few have been carefully tested. This study by Brown University School of Public Health researchers compares self-report items to adherence data gathered using an electronic drug monitoring (EDM) device.

They conducted validity testing of a rigorously developed three-item medication adherence self-report scale, using both HIV antiretroviral medications and other medications. Their results support the validity of the self-report scale, and suggest that it can be used for all classes of medications. In clinical care the scale is probably best used as a screening tool for identifying people with non-perfect adherence who would be candidates for a more detailed, face-to-face assessment of potential barriers to optimal medication taking. In clinical research, or in quality improvement work that compares populations of patients, this self-report scale can be a useful and efficient tool when more complex and expensive methods such as EDM cannot be used, or when pharmacy refill data are unavailable.

The study was published April 20 in AIDS and Behavior.

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