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Member Research & Reports

WashU: Increase Public Health Focus on Policy

Public health professionals need to become more skilled in the fields of policy and politics in order to effectively put evidence-based research into practice, recommends a recent report from the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis.

Analysts interviewed 10 experts working at the intersection of public health and public policy about health-related topics such as obesity, substance abuse and child health. Experts were asked about their own experience in the policy field, as well as for recommendations.

Those recommendations included improvements in the public health profession’s:


[Photo: Dr. Sarah Moreland-Russell]

“The next generation of public health leaders must be astute in navigating the field of policy and politics, especially in this era of public health when a majority of evidence-based public health interventions are those that can be implemented only through the development of policy,” wrote Dr. Sarah Moreland-Russell, the lead author and Senior Scholar in Policy at the Brown School.

The report was published in the September issue of Health Promotion Practice.

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