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Washington: Study Explores Why Uganda has Struggled to Retain Highly Trained Nurses

In one of the first qualitative studies on the impact of Uganda’s new advanced degree requirement for nurses, researchers from University of Washington School of Public Health identified collective concerns among bachelor’s of nursing (BSN) students about future job prospects and work culture.

The findings, published in Nurse Education Today, suggest that a salary commensurate with their additional years of schooling as well as job descriptions that validate their skills are needed to retain Uganda’s newest and most educated nurses. Otherwise, the public sector risks losing these highly trained nurses to outmigration or to non-government organizations.

Relations with lower-degree nurses must also be healed before bachelors-degree nurses can truly integrate into Uganda’s professional nursing culture, the study found.

Lead author Ms. Aisha Abedi conducted the research for her capstone project in Washington’s Community-Oriented Public Health Practice Program in collaboration with Makerere University’s College of Health Sciences.

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