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Faculty & Staff Honors

Washington: Faculty Wins $200,000 Grant to Develop Social Media-based Counseling for Perinatal Depression

Dr. Keshet Ronen of the University of Washington School of Public Health recently received a $200,000 Technology and Adolescent Mental Wellness grant from the University of Wisconsin to develop an innovative program that uses social media to prevent depression in young pregnant women or women who have recently given birth.

The grant was awarded by the university’s Social Media and Adolescent Health Research Team. Dr. Ronen is a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Global Health, which bridges the University of Washington Schools of Public Health and Medicine.

“We hope that social media, which is widely used by young people, will overcome some of the barriers associated with attending in-person care and allow young women to benefit from evidence-based depression prevention and access better health for themselves and their children,” said Dr. Ronen, also a graduate of the School of Public Health’s Master of Public Health program in epidemiology. “If successful, this program could be an affordable, scalable way to expand the reach of mental health interventions to those at highest risk.”

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