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Vanderbilt: SPI-Hub Resource Delivers Intel on Biomedical Journals

The Scholarly Publishing Information Hub, or SPI-Hub, is a new online knowledge resource that gives biomedical scientists an efficient means to identify journals in which to publish their work and gives users everywhere a way to quickly and easily compare the quality, scholarly importance and editorial policies of some 24,000 journals from across biomedicine.

SPI-Hub was developed by the Center for Knowledge Management at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) and will be available it to the world free of charge.

“We saw a need for this service, especially as new biomedical journals continue to proliferate. For scholarly journals there are a number of so-called journal-selectors out there on the web, but none are remotely comparable to SPI-Hub for comparing and delivering useful details on journals from all across biomedicine,” said Dr. Nunzia Giuse, professor of biomedical informatics and vice president for knowledge management at VUMC.

When a user searches by topic of interest, SPI-Hub uses quality criteria and journal publishing histories to return a list of relevant journals and lets the user select up to five journals to compare more closely with regard to: publishing policies, whether they provide readers free online access, whether they’re subject to biomedical literature indexing and citation counts (so-called impact metrics), and general information such as publishing frequency.

Led by Dr. Giuse, staff from across the Center for Knowledge Management collaborated in the development of SPI-Hub. Ms. Taneya Koonce, associate director for research at the center, served as project manager. Dr. Dario Giuse, associate professor of biomedical informatics, advises the team on an as needed basis.

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