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Faculty & Staff Honors

Vanderbilt: New Online Journal for JAMA to be led by Buntin

Dr. Melinda Buntin, Mike Curb Professor of health policy and chair of the Department of Health Policy, has been named the deputy editor for a new online channel published by the Journal of the American Medical Association, or JAMA.

The new channel, JAMA Health Forum, will focus on “health policy and health strategy issues affecting medicine and health care,” according to a news release from JAMA.

The publication does not launch until January, and Dr. Buntin will serve as deputy editor. Dr. John Z. Ayanian, director of the Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation at the University of Michigan, will be the editor.

The goal for the publication is to become a standalone journal similar to JAMA’s other narrower publications like JAMA Oncology and JAMA Internal Medicine. It will feature multimedia content like podcasts and video, and analyses and commentary on current events.

“The new channel will include health policy articles and multimedia content from across JAMA and the JAMA Network journals,” JAMA’s news release said. “Blog posts from experts in the field will offer commentary on current events, research, opinion and controversial issues with implications for national and global health policy. News brief summaries will cover major reports from foundations and governmental and nongovernmental agencies. The JAMA Forum, an existing collection of opinion posts from leading health care strategists, also will be moved to the new channel.”

Read more about the new publication.

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