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Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

Vanderbilt Faculty Receives 2015 Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Grant

A mentorship team comprised of Vanderbilt University Institute for Medicine and Public Health’s Dr. Michael DeBaun and Meharry Medical College’s Ms. Ivy Zalaya was awarded the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation 2015 Clinical Research Mentorships (CRM) grant to support the development of the next generation of clinical researchers. Dr. DeBaun, Vanderbilt professor and vice chair for clinical and translational research, along with the study coordinator for this trial, Ms. Zalaya, conducted the study titled “Inhaled Corticosteroid Use to Prevent Acute Chest Syndrome Recurrence in Children between One and Four with Sickle Cell Disease: A Multi Institutional Trial.” Ms. Zalaya will also be working in the laboratory of Dr. Wonder Drake, associate professor of medicine, performing studies to determine the immune response in the study trial participants.


[Photo: Dr. Michael DeBaun]

Dr. DeBaun and Ms. Zalaya, along with ten other teams of DDCF-funded investigators and medical students from around the country, will each receive $64,800 to foster their scientific mentorship. Supporting the development of a mentoring relationship between a medical student interested in becoming a future researcher, and a previously funded Doris Duke investigator for one year, this award program is extremely competitive. Dr. DeBaun previously won the Clinical Scientist Development Award in 1999.

Each mentor is required to provide a 12-month, full-time clinical research experience for the medical student mentee. While becoming involved in a research project that has met the high standards of peer review, each mentee must be willing to take 12 months out from medical school.

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