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School & Program Updates

UMiami: Public Health Professors to Participate in the Center for HIV and Research in Mental Health

To help curb the local Greater Miami HIV/AIDs (human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immune deficiency syndrome) epidemic, the University of Miami (UM) launched the Center for HIV and Research in Mental Health (CHARM) on June 11, which will be funded for three years by a $3.32 million grant from the National Institute of Mental Health. Drs. Daniel Feaster, Adam Carrico, and Raymond Balise from the University of Miami Department of Public Health Sciences will be involved in the center by contributing their expertise in public health, psychology and biostatistics.

Dr. Feaster will be co-director of the program, alongside the Dr. Steven Safren, from the UM Department of Psychology, who is director of the center and the principle investigator on the grant, and Dr. Deborah Jones Weiss, who is professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences.

The center will consist of an administrative core, a developmental core, a methods core, and a mental health disparities core.

The administrative core, led by Dr. Safren, will focus on community engagement to help achieve the mission of the center, while the methods core will focus on supporting and mentoring researchers in the field, such as by awarding funding for pilot studies. The core will be led by Dr. Carrico, who is associate professor of public health sciences and psychology, alongside Drs. Allan Rodriguez and Maria Alcaide from the Miller School’s Department of Medicine. Drs. Feaster and Balise will lead the methods core, which will help researchers with the process of designing, implementing and analyzing their studies. Lastly, the mental health disparities core will train researchers with the tools needed to address disparities among populations that are living with HIV/AIDs in the South Florida area and will be led by Dr. Jones Weiss and UM’s Dr. Victoria Mitrani.

Read more about CHARM.

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