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School & Program Updates

UMiami: Department of Public Health Sciences More Than Doubles in NIH Research Grant Funding

The University of Miami Department of Public Health Sciences received $11.8 million in National Institutes of Health (NIH)-funded research grants in Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2019, raising the department from No. 19 in FFY2018 ($5.4 million) to No. 13 in FFY2019 ($11.8 million) – according to the Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research. This represents a six-spot increase.

“The department has seen a steady rise in this type of research productivity over the last number of years,” said Dr. J. Sunil Rao, who served as interim chair of the department from June 2016 to December 2019. “It is a testament to the persistence and hard work of our talented faculty, but also reflects important contributions from our staff, graduate students, research collaborators and community partners.”

Increasing four spots in the federal fiscal year 2019, the department is the fourth highest NIH-funded department within the Miller School of Medicine, with the Departments of Genetics, Medicine, and Neurology in the top three. For rankings compared to schools of public health, the department is now No. 20 in the federal fiscal year 2019 – a seven-spot increase from 2018 (No. 27).

There was also an increase in proposal volume and percent of awarded proposals (award success rate). The department successfully submitted 135 proposal applications in the fiscal year (June 2018-May 2019) compared to 86 in the fiscal year 2018, representing a 64 percent increase in proposal volume. In the fiscal year 2019, 38.3 percent of proposals were awarded. This represents an increase from the 31.4 percent awarded success rate over the fiscal year 2018.

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