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Faculty & Staff Honors

UMiami: Dr. Paulo Pinheiro Recognized in the Best of the AACR Journals (AACR) Collection

The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) collection highlights the most-cited articles published in 2017 across its journals. In the cancer, epidemiology, biomarkers, and prevention category, “Cancer Mortality in Hispanic Ethnic Groups” was one of the cited-articles, where Dr. Paulo Pinheiro, a research associate professor at the University of Miami Department of Public Health Sciences, served as lead author.

The article found that Cubans and Puerto Ricans had significantly higher rates of cancer when compared with other Hispanic groups. For longer-established populations in the United States, increases in diet and obesity-related cancers were also evident. Some groups showed excesses that fell out of the common Hispanic patterns, with implications for public health, specifically Cubans for colorectal cancer, Puerto Ricans for liver cancer, and Dominicans for prostate cancer.

Dr. Pinheiro engaged in a Q&A with AACR, where he answered a myriad of questions. In regard to what excites him the most about his research field, he said, “As my research progresses, I find myself revealing previously undiscovered patterns, associations, and relationships. Whether the discovery is for a minor or major cancer, whether it is just a number, sometimes that number better explains who is impacted by cancer in the population and how; to me, that is exciting. Knowing how cancers are distributed, especially for minority populations who are often disadvantaged in cancer outcomes, has important public health and clinical implications. Being in a position to contribute to this, in however small a fashion, makes my research meaningful and fuels my passion for the work.”

Read the full Q&A with the ACCR here.

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