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UIC: Researchers Estimate Total COVID-19 Cases in Chicago

On March 17, Chicago experienced one death due to COVID-19.  As of March 20, there were three total COVID-19 related deaths and a total of 212 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Chicago.

With limited testing availability, the actual number of COVID-19 infected cases could be far more than the number of confirmed cases in Chicago.  Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) School of Public Health estimated the actual number of COVID-19 cases by taking into account likely undetected cases.  Their analysis estimated that there may be 3,023 infected cases as of March 20, although the number of confirmed cases is at 212.

Dr. Jiehuan Sun, assistant professor of biostatistics, and Dr. Sage Kim, associate professor of health policy and administration, used an average mortality rate at one percent, 20 days of infection to death and six days of doubling time to create their estimate.

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