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UCLA: Dr. Jonathan Fielding – “E-scooters Present a Growing Public-health Challenge”

In an opinion piece published in The Hill, Dr. Jonathan Fielding, distinguished professor of health policy and management at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health addresses the growing public health challenge posed by e-scooters.

All over America and around the world, municipal officials are considering transportation alternatives that move large numbers of people while cutting pollution — especially greenhouse gases — and easing traffic congestion.

Over the last decade, bike sharing became ubiquitous in U.S. cities from Boston to Bakersfield, but small, electric e-scooters are heralded by some as the next phase in the greening of our towns and cities.

Fast-growing e-scooter firms Bird and Lime — and the larger more established firms Uber and Lyft — are aggressively pushing scooter-sharing. It’s promoted in cities as widespread as Washington, DC, Buenos Aires, Tel Aviv and Paris as clean, cost-effective commuting, short distance travel and even sightseeing options.

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