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UCLA: Concerning Climate: Bangladesh and Climate Change

Few nations are as vulnerable to the health effects of climate change as Bangladesh, where a research institute headed by UCLA Fielding School of Public Health professor Dr. John Clemens is helping to define the challenges and develop solutions.

Higher temperatures, extreme weather events, sea-level rise and more frequent outbreaks of vector and water-borne infectious diseases are among the effects of climate change that threaten the health of populations in many parts of the world. Few countries are as vulnerable to these effects as Bangladesh, where Dr. John Clemens, Fielding School epidemiology professor, serves as executive director of the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (icddr,b), one of the world’s leading global health research institutes.

“Bangladesh is among the most climate-vulnerable countries in the world,” Dr. Clemens says. “The combination of high and increasing population density, geography, poverty and weak infrastructure make Bangladesh especially vulnerable to the adverse impacts of climate change.”

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