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UC Irvine and Other Researchers Examine Factors Associated With Genital Warts among MSM and Trans Women in Peru

Researchers at UC Irvine, UCLA, University College London, Cayetano Heredia in Peru, and Epicentro Salud in Peru published preliminary results from a longitudinal clinical study to examine the impact of genital warts on HIV infection titled ‘Factors associated with visible anogenital warts among HIV-Uninfected Peruvian MSM and transwomen: a cross-sectional study’. The article was recently published in Sexually Transmitted Diseases (

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Much like other STDs, anogenital warts may be a risk factor for HIV infection, but how that association is mediated is unknown. This cross sectional analysis examined factors associated with penile and anal condyloma among 600 HIV-uninfected Peruvian MSM and trans women. Participants were recruited from a community-based setting in metropolitan Lima, Peru. They were tested for syphilis, completed a behavioral questionnaire, and were examined for visible anogenital warts. Among those with visible warts (N=223), 60 percent had anal only, 28 percent penile only, 7 percent with both anal and penile, and 5 percent with warts on the scrotum. Factors associated with anogenital warts included a tertiary education, a first experience of anal intercourse at age 20 years or older, and self-reporting of current STI symptoms.

Syphilis infection, transactional sex, receptive anal intercourse, and self-identifying as a transwoman were not associated with anogenital warts. While not correlated with key risk factors for HIV infection in Peruvian MSM and trans women, the presence of visible anogenital warts should prompt clinicians to rule-out other STIs that do increase the risk for HIV infection. Forthcoming study results will examine longitudinal impact of anogenital warts on HIV incidence.

Manuscript authors include Dr. Jerome Galea, Mr. Gino Calvo, and Mr. Hugo Sanchez from Epicentro Salud, Dr. Jeffrey Klausner and Dr. Janni Kinsler from UCLA, Dr. Segundo Leon from the University of Cayetano Heredia, Mr. Daniel Galan from University College London, and Dr. Brandon Brown from UC Irvine Program in Public Health GHREAT Initiative.

[Photo: VIVA study recruitment materials]