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Faculty & Staff Honors

UAlbany: Public Health Professor Tapped for National Science Foundation Innovation Workshop

UAlbany’s Dr. Ricky Leung is developing an app-based device to accelerate recovery for chronic pain and other illnesses. He will participate in the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Innovation Corps program this winter.

Dr. Leung will join 20-30 teams from across the country to speak with potential customers, business partners and competitors to help prepare his venture for the next stage of the commercialization process. The faculty member is the founder of ASAP HEAL, a health technology and data analytics company. Dr. Leung, along with his partners Ms. Xuemei Cao, a PhD student in sociology at the University at Albany, and Mr. James Song, the principal investigator of Shadow Foundry, are developing an app-based device that would accelerate the healing process for injuries and illnesses by improving pain patients’ sleeping patterns and promoting exercise.

For patients who are suffering from chronic pain, sleeping well is necessary for implementing exercise therapy, according to Dr. Leung, whose research focuses on health analytics, digital health and global health management in the Department of Health Policy, Management and Behavior.

The kickoff workshop will take place from Jan. 12-15 in Dallas, Texas. Participants will give final presentations on their ventures from Feb. 27-28.

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