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UAB: Hospitalization Outcomes and Racial Disparities in Cervical Cancer Patients: An Analysis of National Inpatient Sample Data

A team of researchers collaborated on this project, including Mr. Naik Gurudatta, doctoral candidate, Ms. Amrita Mukherjee, doctoral student, and Dr. Sadeep Shrestha, all from the Department of Epidemiology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health.

Using the national inpatient sample (HCUP-NIS) database of the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project between 2002–2014, the team included 5217 African-American and 21,752 White patients hospitalized with a primary diagnosis of cervical cancer. They examined racial differences in hospitalization outcomes; length of stay (LOS) in hospital, mortality in hospital, post-operative complications in patients who underwent hysterectomy and discharge disposition. Patients were matched on age at primary diagnosis, insurance status, residential region, and median income of residential area, modified Deyo comorbidity index, stage of disease and treatment. Categorical outcomes were analyzed by conditional logistic regression accounting for matched study design and odds ratios (95 percent CI) were reported. LOS was analyzed using t-test and beta estimate for difference in means was reported.

The LOS was significantly lower for Whites compared to African-American cervical cancer patients when matched on demographic only, presentation + demographic, and treatment + presentation + demographic variables.  White cervical cancer patients were commonly discharged to other intermediate nursing facility, matched on demographic only; or matched on presentation + demographic; and or, matched on treatment + presentation + demographic.

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