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Member Research & Reports

UAB Contributes Research on Assisting Vulnerable Youth during Transition to Adulthood

Ms. Rongbing Xie, program coordinator II and DrPH student, and Dr. Bisakha Sen, professor, in the department of health care organization and policy at the University of Alabama at Birmingham—in collaboration with the late Dr. E. Michael Foster—contributed the chapter “Vulnerable Youth and Transitions to Adulthood” to New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education, Volume 2014, Issue 143, which focuses on the adverse effects of limited support during this crucial time. In addition, the authors offer recommendations for facilitating a smoother transition for these at-risk youths during this critical juncture.


[Photo: Ms. Rongbing Xie]

Vulnerable youth—defined as “those that often suffer from emotional and behavioral problems and have a history of problems in the school and community”—statistically face greater difficulties and have less chance of overall social, financial, psychological, and physical success than their counterparts in more stable situations, “since they are likely to be facing disadvantages ranging from low socioeconomic status, lack of family support, subpar foster care, mental health issues, failure to complete school, teen parenthood, or crime records.” The researchers delve into how adult educators are in a prime position to assist these young people by building competencies, providing social support, and making connections to available resources and services.

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