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UAB: A Decision-support Framework for Emergency Evacuation Planning During Extreme Storm Events

Developing an effective real-time evacuation strategy during extreme storm events such as hurricanes has been a topic of critical significance to the emergency planning and response community. In this study, a framework for real-time evacuation planning was developed that combines the results obtained from hydrodynamic modeling and traffic microsimulation.

A team of researchers collaborated on this study, including Dr. Maryam Karimi, Department of Environmental Health Sciences, from the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health.

This paper proposes a robust evacuation framework that integrates the hydrodynamic model into a traffic simulation model, quantifies the risk of flooding on evacuation routes in a geographic information science (GIS) framework, and the results enhance the emergency evacuation planning during extreme storm events.

The results obtained using this framework could be easily accessed by the general public and decision-makers to enable efficient evacuation planning during extreme storm events.

The authors include Dr. Md Golam Rabbani Fahad and Dr. Rouzbeh Nazari, with the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering, University of Alabama at Birmingham, and Dr. Parth Bhavsar and Dr. Mohammad Jalayer, with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Rowan University.

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