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Partner News

U.S. EPA’s Office of Children’s Health Protection, Regulatory Support and Science Policy Division: Internship Opportunity

Project Description: The Regulatory Support and Science Policy Division works on children’s health issues with many Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) programs, including safe chemicals management, clean air, safe drinking water, and others.  The intern will work with the Division’s health scientists on supporting various projects focused on supporting the incorporation of children’s environmental health in EPA assessments, methodologies and policies. For example, the intern may work with staff to evaluate children’s environmental health data and analyses applied in chemical-specific health assessments developed by the agency in support of actions. The intern may also have an non-laboratory research project on a children’s environmental health science issue; the specific topic of this project will be selected to be suitable for the individual’s skills and abilities.

This position is unpaid.  The experience students gain at this internship may be eligible for course credit or scholarship, depending on the requirements of their academic institution.

Length of Project: Up to three months during Summer 2018, full-time. Minimum of 10 weeks.

Location of Project: EPA Headquarters, 1301 Constitution Ave. NW, Washington DC.

Qualifications: Graduate students interested in children’s environmental health and the translation of science into policy should apply. The candidate should have strong writing and analytical skills. Knowledge of risk assessment and environmental regulation are also desirable. U.S. citizenship or appropriate visa required.

Application Deadline:  February 16, 2018

To Apply: Interested students should send a cover letter, resume and unofficial transcripts/relevant course work to:

Mr. Daniel Malashock
U.S. EPA Office of Children’s Health Protection