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TIPH Ambassador Highlight: Joanna McClain, UVA

ASPPH would like to thank Ms. Joanna McClain, the This is Public Health (TIPH) Ambassador from the University of Virginia MPH Program (UVA), who assumed responsibility for our social media this week. Ms. McClain is currently an MPH student concentrating in policy, law and ethics. Throughout the week she has been highlighting healthy eating habits and reminding the TIPH community to eat fruits and vegetables.

Currently, Ms. McClain works for UVA’s employee wellness program as a Wellness Associate and contributes to UVA’s health policy blog Viewpoints. She moved to the Virginia area last year from Oregon, where she received her undergraduate in Public Health and Human Development from Oregon State University.

Ms. McClain looks forward to focusing her studies on vaccinations, family planning, and environmental health.

Follow along throughout the year on all our social media platforms to witness the incredible work our TIPH Ambassadors are sharing.

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