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The Empowering Legacy of Academic Public Health

Remarks from the ASPPH Welch-Rose Award for Distinguished Service to Academic Public Health acceptance speech of Dr. Julio Frenk, president, University of Miami, were recently published in Public Health Reports. Dr. Frenk was recognized with the award during the 2016 Annual Meeting at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, VA.  The article, “The Empowering Legacy of Academic Public Health,” reflects on how the field of public health, and Dr. Frenk’s own thinking about it, have evolved greatly during the past decades.

[Photo: Dr. Julio Frenk]

“As we enter a new era of public health education, knowledge will continue to be the key asset to sharpen our understanding of health problems and to create novel solutions. Although punctuated by apparently disparate jobs, my academic and professional journey has been structured around the unifying conviction that knowledge is the most powerful force for enlightened social transformation. Throughout my career, I have traversed the entire circle of knowledge, from its creation through research and its re-creation through education to its translation into evidence as the basis for purposeful and accountable action. Thanks to this comprehensive scope, I have been empowered by my public health education and feel committed to continue to give back by educating the next generations of leaders.”

ASPPH was honored to be able to recognize Dr. Frenk for his extraordinary contributions to the academic public health community. The Welch-Rose Award recognizes the highest standards in academic public health and honor individuals who have made a lasting impact on academic public health.