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Partner News

The Community Preventive Services Task Force Releases Findings on Promoting Health Equity through Education Programs and Policies

Why is this important?

Children in low-income and racial and ethnic minority families often experience delays in language and other development by the age of three. Compensating for these delays before children begin regular schooling can be critical to providing them with opportunities for educational attainment associated with lifelong employment and income, ultimately reducing the achievement gap and advancing health equity. Center-based early childhood education (ECE) programs are designed to prepare children for school. In 2010, less than half of children in families in the lowest income quartile were enrolled in ECE programs, and the quality of these programs was lower than programs attended by higher income children (Duncan & Magnuson 2013).

Who should know about these Task Force findings?

Those seeking to promote health equity among low-income and minority children using evidence-based programs and policies may be interested in this recommendation, such as educational program decision makers and funders, policy makers and public health professionals.

What materials are available to help share this information with others?

o   The Community Preventive Services Task Force announced that it recommends early childhood education programs to improve educational and health outcomes.

o   The Community Preventive Services Task Force is now on Twitter @CPSTF. Follow us and retweet messages about these health equity findings.

o   If you prefer to send out a separate tweet, following are samples to consider.

  1. Early childhood education programs can improve health for low-income kids. #TheCommunityGuide
  2. How can we improve educational & health outcomes in low-income communities? #TheCommunityGuide
  3. Promote health equity in low-income communities w/early childhood education programs. #TheCommunityGuide
  4. What is the latest recommendation from #TheCommunityGuide for promoting health equity in kids?

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