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Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

Texas A&M: Sharma Named to Editorial Board of Journal of Hazardous Materials

Dr. Virender K. Sharma, has been named to the editorial board of the Journal of Hazardous Materials. Dr. Sharma is a professor and the director of the Program on Environmental and Sustainability, Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, Texas A&M School of Public Health. Dr. Sharma is a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry; an at-large member of the Division of Environmental Chemistry, American Chemical Society; and a member of the President International Fellowship, Chinese Academy of Sciences. His areas of research interest include chemistry and applications of ferrates; inactivation of virus, bacteria and toxins in water and air; removal of emerging contaminants such as antibiotics, estrogens and toxic metals in water; formation, fate and toxicity of silver and gold engineered and natural nanoparticles in aquatic environments; and applications of ferrites to destroy toxins and pollutants under solar light. Dr. Sharma was recently named the 2019 Outstanding Distinguished Scientist by Texas A&M University’s research honor society Sigma Xi.

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