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Member Research & Reports

Texas A&M Research Revolutionizing Care for Seniors

National experts presenting cutting-edge research on improving the lives of older adults through evidenced-based programming is the subject of a research topic published in the international journal Frontiers in Public Health.

Ory and Smith Friday Letter
[Photo: Dr. Marcia Ory (left) and Dr. Matthew Lee Smith]

Co-editors Regents and Distinguished Professor Dr. Marcia Ory, of the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health, and Dr. Matthew Lee Smith, assistant professor of the University of Georgia College of Public Health, will present key findings at the National Council on Aging Chronic Disease Self-Management Education and Falls Prevention Resource Center Meeting, designated as a White House Conference on Aging event.

The volume of approximately 35 peer-reviewed articles and 25 commentaries reflects clearly that in the not-too-distant past, what it meant to grow older in our society has rapidly begun to change. “Healthy Aging” is no longer a misnomer, with recent statistics indicating over 300,000 seniors throughout the U.S. engaging in health promotion and disease prevention programs sponsored by the Administration for Community Living since 2010.

“This volume grew from our desire to document the processes and outcomes of evidence-based programming for older adults, and to share our lessons learned so these programs could be more effectively delivered and sustained over time,” Dr. Ory said.

A program can be considered “evidence-based” if rigorous evaluation has shown that the program’s approach consistently produces positive results. Simply put, these programs implement strategies that research has shown actually works to promote healthy lifestyles and environments associated with healthy aging.