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Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

Texas A&M: Clendenin Awarded President’s Medal from German Federal Agency Technisches Hilfswerk

For her efforts in establishing international collaboration, Dr. Angela Clendenin, instructional assistant professor in the Texas A&M School of Public Health epidemiology and biostatistics department, received the President’s Medal from Mr. Hans-Dieter Büttgen, staff head for research and innovation for the German federal agency, Technisches Hilfswerk (THW). The medal, only awarded by the agency’s president, was presented by Mr. Büttgen after receiving special permission to recognize Dr. Clendenin for her work in building bridges with international partners founded on public health emergency preparedness.

The collaborative efforts stemmed from a meeting in Cologne, Germany in December 2018 where representatives from German academic institutions and agencies met to explore partnerships based on academics and service, as opposed to strictly research. As a result, Mr. Büttgen traveled to Texas A&M to observe and engage in the Texas A&M’s Health Science Center’s annual Disaster Day interprofessional education training simulation. While here, Mr. Büttgen and Dr. Clendenin co-presented a comparison lecture between German and American emergency response organizational structures as part of the inaugural Disaster Day Symposium. The lecture will be repeated in Cologne, Germany in July 2019 as part of Clendenin’s study abroad program, now in its second year. In addition, the School of Public Health will send its first MPH student to Germany at the beginning of the fall semester to complete a practicum experience with THW, which will place the student alongside THW researchers and responders from multiple countries as part of a project to better prepare residents along the Danube River for flood response.