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Master’s Global Health Model

NEW Global Health Concentration Competencies for the Master of Public Health (MPH) Degree (2018)

Target Audience

Master of Public Health (MPH) students concentrating in global health upon graduation from a Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH)-accredited school or program of public health


The concentration competencies below are built upon the following tenets to:

Global Health Concentration Competencies for the MPH Degree

  1. Analyze the roles, relationships, and resources of the entities influencing global health
  2. Apply ethical approaches in global health research and practice
  3. Apply monitoring and evaluation techniques to global health programs, policies, and outcomes
  4. Propose sustainable and evidence-based multi-sectoral interventions, considering the social determinants of health specific to the local area
  5. Design sustainable workforce development strategies for resource-limited settings
  6. Display critical self-reflection, cultural humility, and ongoing learning in global health

IMPORTANT NOTE:  These global health concentration competencies for the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree recommendations represent the results of a broad national and global consensus and are offered by ASPPH for voluntary consideration, use, adaptation, or adoption by all CEPH-accredited institutions and those seeking accreditation.

View the Prior Global Health Competency Model (2011)

While the 2016 Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) core competency requirements for Master of Public Health (MPH) degrees rendered ASPPH’s 2011 competency model obsolete, it is still available,  here, as useful for faculty and students in global health programs across a broad range of non-CEPH-accredited public health institutions and schools and programs outside of public health – schools of international relations/affairs, business schools, law schools and, of course, other health professions’ schools, such as those in medicine and nursing, as well as programs in the biological and social sciences.