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Member Research & Reports

SUNY Downstate Finds that School Suspension is Associated with Adverse Educational and Criminal Justice Outcomes Years Later

Epidemiologist Dr. Janet Rosenbaum, assistant professor of biostatistics, SUNY Downstate Medical Center School of Public Health, conducted research comparing the educational and criminal justice outcomes of 480 youth suspended for the first time to 1193 matched non-suspended youth from a nationally representative sample. Prior to suspension, the suspended and non suspended youth did not differ on 60 pre-suspension variables including students’ self-reported delinquency and risk behaviors, parents’ reports of socioeconomic status, and administrators’ reports of school disciplinary policies. Twelve years after suspension (ages 25 – 32), suspended youth were less likely than matched nonsuspended youth to have earned bachelor’s degrees or high school diplomas, and were more likely to have been arrested and on probation, suggesting that suspension rather than selection bias explains negative outcomes.

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