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Member Research & Reports

SUNY Albany Finds that Demand for Newly-Trained Primary Care Physicians Surpasses Demand for Specialists

A recently completed study by the Center for Health Workforce Studies (CHWS) at the University at Albany SUNY School of Public Health finds that the job market for new physicians who complete their Graduate Medical Education in New York continues to be strong. The report, Trends in Demand for New Physicians, 2010-2014, provides a summary of demand indicators for 35 physician specialties. The analysis of these job market indicators revealed that opportunities for newly-trained physicians in most specialties have improved or remained stable over the last several years. Demand for newly-trained primary care physicians outweighs demand for specialists. In 2014, primary care physicians reported more job offers than specialists and were less likely to report changing plans due to limited job opportunities.

Although the overall marketplace appears strong for new graduates, there was some variation in demand for individual specialties:

“While demand for primary care physicians has been steadily growing, almost 70 percent of general internal medicine physicians report plans to enter practice in hospital inpatient settings rather than ambulatory care settings,” according to Dr. Jean Moore, CHWS Director.  This report is based on an analysis of data from surveys conducted by CHWS between 2010 and 2014. The annual survey of physicians completing a residency or fellowship program in New York State has been conducted since 1998 and to date more 45,000 graduates have completed the survey (61 percent response rate). Dr. David Armstrong, the lead researcher for this analysis, notes that the ongoing survey is “an important tool for monitoring emerging trends in the physician workforce and that becomes increasingly important with the implementation of federal and state health reform initiatives.”

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