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Partner News

Summer Research and Funding for MPH and PhD Students

Opportunities for conducting summer research focused on cancer are available to all MPH and Ph.D. students from all schools and programs of public health in the U.S.  Funding is available through the Cancer Epidemiology Education in Special Populations (CEESP) Program of the City University of New York (CUNY) School of Medicine.  CEESP has been funded for the past 12 years through funding from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) through a federal grant (R25 CA112383, Principal Investigator, Dr. Amr Soliman).


The CEESP Program will provide mentored summer research in global and U.S. minority settings for a period of up to 15 weeks during summer 2019.  Students can work with their local university faculty mentors and their research and/or utilize the infrastructure created by CEESP in global and U.S. settings.  Accepted students will receive up to $7,200 in subsistence and funding to attend the post-summer career development workshop in New York.  MPH students can use the CEESP experience for their practicum/summer internships and Ph.D. students can utilize the CEESP experience for exploring or conducting their dissertations.  Students from all concentrations of schools and programs of public health and eligible to apply and receive funding from CEESP.  Over the past 12 years, CEESP has trained students from epidemiology, health behavior, health management and policy, environmental health, and biostatistics in addition to general public health.  Foreign students are eligible to apply and receive funding from CEESP.


The CEESP Program has a strong research infrastructure that could be used by students in several countries in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia in addition to different research sites in the U.S.  The deadline for applications is January 7, 2019.  For additional information, please contact the CEESP Program Director, Dr. Amr Soliman ( and check the Program website