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Community Health

Community Health

Students who concentrate in community health are interested in the health characteristics of populations within a shared geographical area. Students in this field view a healthy life not through individual achievements but through the lens of the community structure – one that supports its constituent members to make healthy choices through public educational resources. In community health, public health professionals try to better understand the foundational blocks of a given community and the role these structures play in promoting a healthy life in a given area – whether it be a neighborhood, a city, or an entire region.

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Health Education and Community Promotion

Health education is a pillar of behavior change and public health interventions from vaccination coverage to smoking cessation and condom use. This course provides students with the knowledge, competencies, and skills to plan, implement, and evaluate health promotion and disease prevention programs for a defined community. Students will select a specific community, research a pressing public health issue, and design an educational campaign based on the population, health issue, and resources.

Food Nutrition, Policies, and Interventions

This course helps students understand the programs, regulations, and legislation pertaining to food production, food safety, nutrition assistance, and dietary guidance in the U.S. Students will understand the policies behind food safety, the major nutritional problems that affect individuals and populations, and grasp the scientific basis for nutritional recommendations brought before the scientific and lay communities.

Violence and Injury Prevention

There is a pressing need for public health professionals with training in the prevention, analysis, and control of intentional and unintentional injuries. Students will practice conducting literature reviews and health problem analyses to examine determinants of injury prevention and violence, as well as propose webs of causation for selected outcomes.

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